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What is ClickBank and its most important advantages and disadvantages

What is ClickBank? And what are its features? The site offers many services and features that customers who subscribe to it can benefit from in many ways.

So we will answer you the question of what is ClickBank? We will also learn about the site's features.

What is ClickBank?

Click Bank is considered one of the best marketing sites through which you can profit easily on the Internet, by providing the site with many tools and features for its customers; So that people can market their products professionally, and then get great profits as a result of this e-marketing, and although this site is one of the most famous sites, its beginning was different.

Where the site began in the United States of America in the state of California, specifically in a car repair store in San Diego, and that was in 1998 AD.

But with effort and perseverance, this site has become one of the best and most famous sites specialized in the field of e-marketing in the world. Millions of users from more than 190 countries all over the world participate in this site.

This is not a vacuum or just a coincidence, but this is the result of work and diligence in continuing to provide the best tools and services, which the customer can use the site and market its own products and profit through it.

In addition, the site contains more than 6 million business owners, which helps the subscriber a lot in marketing his trade more and wider without the need to go anywhere, and the site contains many sections that reach 276 sections, and thus we have answered Question What is ClickBank?

Features of Clickbank

After identifying the answer to the question, What is ClickBank? And it is considered one of the best websites specialized in e-marketing. We will learn about the advantages that the site offers to customers so that they can benefit from them.

Where the subscribers of the Clickbank site have many advantages that can be used in many things, and we will learn about the features of the site through the following points:
  • Clickbank is considered one of the safe sites that have great credibility, through its keenness to deliver the money to the subscriber on time.
  • The site has set a period during which the customer can return the product he purchased from the site, and the period is 60 days, and if this period is exceeded, the customer cannot return the product.
  • The commission received by the subscriber ranges between 75% and up to 90% of the value of the product, and this percentage is considered very excellent.
  • The subscriber does not need other sources of income, as he can rely on the Clickbank website as his main source of income.
  • The subscriber can create his own link, through which he can track conversions and clicks through the site's system.
  • The Clickbank website provides the subscriber with the ability to identify the extent of customer interaction with the product he is marketing, through the statistics that the site makes for each product, which shows the extent to which the customer is attracted to him.
  • Clickbank is the link between the seller and the person who markets the products and the customer who buys them, by preserving all the rights of each party.
  • The person marketing the products can get more money than they get by selling internal add-ons to customers.
  • Many people who market their own products make updates to those products every once in a while; Which makes the consumer benefit more than before, and this feature is available in some products only and not all products on the site. 

Disadvantages of Clickbank

Although there are many advantages that Click Bank offers to its clients; However, there are some negatives that the customer should beware of while using the site, whether the buyer or seller, and we will learn about the negatives of the site through the following points:
  • The Click Bank website does not have many ways through which the customer can withdraw money for his trading on the site, as there is only one way for customers outside the borders of the United States of America, which is through Payoneer. 
  • Despite the credibility of the site in terms of money delivery, there are many subscribers who are thieves, by marketing many inferior products in order to deceive customers and steal their money.
  • Although the 60-day period of validity is considered as a period of validity that the consumer can return the product that he purchased is considered an advantage for the consumer, it is negative for the seller or the person who is marketing those products.
  • The site does not provide the ability to market products in Arabic, so marketing is relied on in foreign languages, the most important of which is the English language.
  • There are not many pages to sell the product; So there is often a very low conversion rate.
  • The customer can face difficulty in choosing the right product he wants to buy, because there are many statistics that are not clear enough. 

How to register on Clickbank

In order for a person to benefit from the features and services provided by the site that help in marketing his products and profit through them, he must first register on the Clickbank website, and we will learn how to register on the site by following the following steps:
  1. The customer first goes to the official Clickbank website, which can be visited directly from here.
  2. After that, you will go to the home page of the site, from which you will click on the mark of the side menu located at the top left of the page.
  3. Clicking on “Sign Up”, it will then go to the page for creating an account on the site, which contains many data that the customer must fill in correctly.
  4. The country in which the customer resides is selected.
  5. Write the customer's first name and last name in the places designated for each.
  6. Enter the customer's phone number in the space provided for that.
  7. Write the customer's email in the space provided for it.
  8. Write the password in the space designated for it, in which at least two capital letters, two small letters, two and two symbols must be written from the existing symbols, and the letters of the word should not exceed 32 letters and there should be no spaces between them.
  9. All terms and conditions of the service are agreed upon by clicking on the empty box next to “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions”.
  10. After making sure to fill in the data in the previous steps, the customer clicks on the “Join Click Bank!” icon. 
  • A text message will be sent to the customer's e-mail, and all the customer has to go to the e-mail messages and open the message for the site, then click on the link in it, and thus activate the customer's account on the site. 
Thus, we have come to know the answer to the question: What is ClickBank? This is through its paragraph, where ClickBank is considered one of the best sites specialized in electronic marketing, because it provides many services and tools that help a person in marketing their own products, and we hope that we have provided the desired benefit.