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Top 5 file upload sites and earn money from them

The 5 best file upload sites and profit from them you can get to know, and that is what many are looking for so that they can enter this profitable field through the Internet, as working with these sites is characterized by ease and simplicity.

Top 5 file upload sites and profit from them

Before we clarify the top 5 file upload sites and profit, we must first mention the necessity of having a database of various files between photos, videos and other files required by customers, and many other factors that we will mention in the following lines.

1- Profit through the User Upload site

Profit through User Upload is one of the top 5 file upload sites and profit . It is used to upload files by foreigners and does not spread in the Middle East and is the most uploaded among other sites. It is possible to enter and register on the site from here and comes with many advantages, which are as follows:
  • The site is easy to deal with. 
  • The site provides the user with an area of ​​50 GB.
  • Downloading from the site is easy and simple.
  • Through it, you can upload more than one file format such as Pdf, ZIP, APK, EXE, MP3.MP4.
  • The site does not delete any of the files even after 90 days have passed after they are uploaded and they are not downloaded.
  • The site also pays more profits than any other Arab sites, and therefore gives every 1000 downloads three dollars, unlike Arab sites whose profits per 1000 downloads are only 2 dollars, and in foreign countries the profits per 1000 downloads are 10 dollars.
  • The minimum payment is ten dollars and profits can be transferred to accounts in local banks or Paypal, and the user must submit a request for payment upon the passage of the 23rd of each month.

2- Profit through Gulf-UP

The second site is Gulf-UP, which entered the list of the top 5 sites for uploading files and profiting from them in 2021, because it is an Arabic site that is characterized by ease of use, and it has been working in this field for many years without any problems with visitors or file uploaders.

You can access the site link from here and register to benefit from the site’s features and services to upload various files and profit from them and download them with ease. Its most important features are as follows:
  • It has a minimum payout of $2. 
  • The site supports payment systems via PayPal, WebMoney, Payza and Amazon cards.
  • The site pays in one day or less.
  • It is distinguished by the great return on its users from Arab countries, which amounts to three dollars per 1000 downloads.

3- Earn through the upload-file site

It is the third in the list of the top 5 file upload sites and profit , and it is achieved by reaping the profits that are issued from uploading files like the rest of the sites designated for that purpose, and you can enter the site and register from here, and it also has many advantages that we explain in the following points:
  • It can send profits to file uploaders by various methods to receive the profits. 
  • It allows dealing with the profits through Payoneer, PayPal, AdvCash, Skrill, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and several other banks, so the user has the freedom to choose the withdrawal method.
  • The minimum profit is one dollar and this is determined by knowing the payment method. It can also pay three dollars for every 1000 downloads in any country of the world and the amount is incremented by country, and the profit can reach $ 7 in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom . 

4- Profit through up-4ever.com

It is one of the best sites used to profit by uploading files, due to its amounts of up to 12 dollars per 1000 downloads in countries such as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, and it also offers distinctive sums to a number of Arab countries such as America, Canada, Germany and European countries.

The site pays one dollar in the case of dealing with electronic banks, twenty dollars when sending a transfer through Western Union, or fifty dollars when using Pioneer, and its system is characterized by a simple design that allows it to be used easily.

5- Profit through filefactory.com

The last site in the list of the top 5 file upload sites and profit is filefactory.com, and it is one of the famous sites that has been working in this field for years and has proven successful, and it pays large sums in the United States for every 1000 downloads, up to forty dollars, and in Some Arab countries pay $5 per 1000 downloads.

It has been ranked the 4300th in the world in terms of popularity and the services it provides. To register on the site, please access the link from here.

Meaning of uploading files for profit?

The idea of ​​file upload sites and the way to profit from them emerged by knowing the need of individuals to download various files such as books, programs, videos and photos if necessary in order to benefit from their presence on the devices. Therefore, many are looking for the top 5 file upload sites and profit from them so that they can subscribe to and deal with them.

How to make money from file upload sites

There are many elements that must be available when choosing the field of file upload to profit from, and we explain them in the following points:
  • The file uploader must focus on the domain that will upload his files by searching for that domain through the Internet with the addition of words such as download or upload, and the search engine will show what is related to the chosen word, and it must prepare the space that should be available on the device .
  • The files to be downloaded vary between books, videos, and images, and they can be easily uploaded to different sites for profit.
  • There are several companies and websites specialized in uploading and downloading files, but the profit is not limited to downloading only, but the profit is made by watching ads, and the time is the ability to download from the site and display pop-up ads, and the profit comes by watching ads.
  • It is also possible to profit by doing the small tasks that the site asks of visitors, such as the visitor's completion of various questionnaires when downloading the file.
  • The focus should be on the presence of visitors strongly on the site because they are the mainstay of increasing downloads and thus increasing profits for users, and attention must be paid to the different ways of attracting them. 

How to increase visitors to file upload sites

After we mentioned the top 5 file upload sites and profit from them in 2021, we must clarify how to increase visitors on the chosen site so that the profit increases and this is done through the following methods:
  • The Facebook platform, through which many visitors are brought to take advantage of what is on the site on which we are working to upload the various files, and the download links must be shared on the pages of the domain that pertains to the file. 
  • You tube platform When creating a channel on that platform through which visitors and downloads can be increased on the site by clarifying the link below the video.
  • Sites and blogs, which aim to provide a variety of information and benefit, and through which links to various files can be published, and thus the demand for them will increase and profits will increase.
  • Forums We will not need to create a special forum, but we must register in the forums that are concerned with the topic of files, so we will be able to put download links easily. 
Thus, we have clarified the top 5 file upload sites and profit from them and how to profit through these sites, and mentioned the factors that must be available in order to increase the profits offered by sites to file uploaders.