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Top 10 sites to profit from shortening links

If you are looking for the most amazing, reliable and 100% guaranteed way, to make thousands of dollars online with a simple effort and from home, you are really very humbled, you are in the right place, now the field of profit from shortening links has achieved very impressive popularity among millions of beginners in the Arab world , thanks to the simplicity and credibility of the field, and the idea of ​​​​the work includes, the best access to the shortening links site, and then start shortening your distinguished links,

  And it works to publish and share it on various famous sites and social media platforms, to get the largest number of clicks from visitors, and thus you will be able to obtain imaginary financial profits, and for this matter, we will present to you today the best and most wonderful short links sites to earn thousands of dollars continuously and without stopping, If you follow the article carefully and contemplate with me.

One of the most prominent factors to achieve important profits through the field of shortening links, determining the 100% reliable site, making sure of its credibility, and what payment methods it supports, not to mention the minimum withdrawal of profits on it, and you must also take care of the profits it provides for every thousand visits your short link gets. All these factors and criteria will help you to reach a 100% honest URL Shortener.

What are link shortener sites?

Link shortening sites on the Internet are a group of famous advertising companies, which open their domain for users to shorten long links with a single click, to become short links that are easy for visitors to click on, and they are referred directly to the original site, and this process is very simple and through which you get many Of dollars, the more visitors you bring to click on the shortened links, the more you get in the article.

Best URL Shortener Sites

During the following lines, we will learn about the most famous and wonderful 100% trusted link shortening sites, which offer their users very important financial profits, with a minimum withdrawal of $5 every beginning of the month, not to mention the high-end features they include, which will help you increase your profit rate Easily and effortlessly, and this is what millions of unemployed Arabs lack.

1- exe.io

We start our list with the most famous link shortening site ever, to the exe.io site, which has achieved remarkable popularity in this field, thanks to the excellent quality of its services, not to mention the interesting features that attract you to enter it without hesitation, really making millions of users get a golden opportunity to change their lives And what's even cooler, with it, you'll get tons of dollars every day.

All you have to do is shorten the various links to your favorite sites, on this interesting site, and in return you will get very impressive profits, one of its most prominent advantages is that it supports many methods of payment, not to mention its extraordinary speed during its use, and offers high rates of profits for every thousand visits, and granting you The opportunity to control links comfortably, the percentage of profit from referrals is up to 15%, of the profits of the friends you invite in general, do not forget that the minimum withdrawal is 5 dollars for all types of payment methods, except for western union 100 dollars, and payeer 3 dollars.

2- Gesturl

It is one of the most wonderful and safe and honest sites in the field of shortening links, which allows Arab and foreign users to shorten countless long links of various types of sites distinguished for them at once and with complete ease, and it also offers interesting amounts of profits for thousands of visits to each short link.

The site has a wonderful and simple interface, which makes it easy for users to navigate between its icons and buttons with flexibility and without any difficulties, and it also gives the minimum amount of users without exception, which is only $ 5, and gives you the opportunity to earn more by 5% in return for inviting your friends to click on the links abbreviation.

It is interesting to note that the rate of return is up to $11 for every thousand visits to the shortened link in the Arab countries. The real reason behind its popularity is the quality of its services, its high features, and its complete credibility.

The site supports a range of the most used payment methods, foremost among which we find pyapal, skrill, payoneer, western union, bitcoin, Egypt post, vodafone cash, and even the Algerian post office for its users, and one of its most exceptional features is the ability to put a script in order to shorten the links on your electronic platform in a way Automatic, without your intervention in the matter, and you can withdraw your profits at the end of each month with ease.

Millions of Algerian users are asking, this is the best link shortener site for Algerians, I advise you to rely on this site because it is 100% reliable and supports the payment methods in force in Algeria, so do not waste your chance to get thousands of dollars, my friend.

3- adyome

One of the most famous links shortening sites in Arab and foreign countries at all, thanks to its credibility and the quality of the tremendous services it provides to all and users wishing to achieve financial profits easily and without complications.

  • What distinguishes the adyome site from the rest of the link shortening sites, is that it offers important and high financial profits.
  • It also supports many famous and applicable payment methods, including in many international countries without exception, on top of which we find, pay by bitcoin, paypal, skrill, payoneer, vidafone cash, webmoney, neteller, payza.
  • Not only that, the site has excellent customer service, and answers all users' calls and inquiries instantly.
  • When your financial profit reaches the sum of $5, you are entitled to start the withdrawals with ease.
  • The site adyou.me offers interesting profits, ranging between 2 and 5 dollars for every thousand visits to the short link. You can also get 5% of your referral friends earnings. 

4- Shorte.st

This site includes high amounts of features, not to mention the quality of its effective services, which made it sit on the throne of fame and prominence, in the field of shortening links. It is truly considered one of the 100% honest and reliable sites, according to the testimony of millions of Arab users.
Really, you will be able to change the course of your life for the better thanks to this distinguished site, which opens its doors to everyone the possibility of obtaining very important financial profits, just by shortening the links and working to share and publish them through various social networking sites and international sites, to get the largest number of clicks for visitors, In return, you get countless dollars, it is simple and requires only a simple effort.
  • You will get excellent profits ranging from 5 to 15 dollars, for 1000 visits per short link, and it is interesting to note that the minimum return is 5 dollars. 
  • This website supports the world famous and famous payment methods, such as PayPal and Payoneer. web money.
  • Also, the percentage of profits for referrals that invite your friends, is estimated at 20% permanently.
  • You can automatically access your earnings via sorte.st, after ten days have passed from the beginning of each month. 

 5- ClicksFly

This wonderful site has a prominent reputation within the field of shortening links, because it is a reliable site and offers its profits to users in the known time, as it is keen to develop its services and features continuously, and one of the real secrets behind its fame is that it provides ease of use, and provides its services in a real way away About malicious illusions.
The way the work is very simple, all you have to do is open a new account on the site with a limited number of clicks, then start the process of shortening the links to your favorite sites, and share them on various famous platforms, so that visitors can enter these links and be referred to the original site, and in return you get important profits.

  • One of the most prominent features that this honest and famous site contains is that we are backed by a strong customer service team that responds quickly to all calls and inquiries, not to mention the outstanding profit for every 1000 visits to the green links, which amounts to 15 dollars. 
  • When you invite your friends to click on the shortened links, you get 20% profit for each user in general and permanently.
  • You can see all the traffic your shortened links receive.
  • The possibility of obtaining profits is high for 1000 visits. The minimum return is very low and often reaches $3
  • One of the most wonderful payment methods supported by the site, we limit bitcoin, paypal. payza.

6- adf. ly

The best link shortening sites This distinguished site has been able to enjoy fantastic popularity in the field of profit from shortening links, because it is rich in countless unique features and services, which open the way for you to reap very impressive financial profits by drawing every month, which will make your life change from From worse to better.

The site offers you interesting amounts of simple tools to make it easier for you to work with its icons and visitors with flexibility and professionalism, and it is considered one of the 100% honest and reliable sites, and it also contains a huge group of publishers across the world.

The minimum payment is up to 5 US dollars, and the percentage of profits per 1000 visits ranges between 2 to 7 dollars, and in most cases it reaches 28 dollars, and one of its best features that won the admiration of millions of users is that it supports global payment methods such as paypla and payoneer, not Not only that, but you can develop your earnings more and more, when you invite your friends to click on your referral link, you get 20% off permanently.

Don't forget that adf. ly has a very nice user interface, and supports the Arabic language, which makes it easier for you to deal with it easily and without any complications.

7- Ooo. io

One of the most prominent sites in the field of profit from short links, which are used with great force by millions of Arab and foreign users without exception. A task with little effort and in a very short period of time, based on the strategy that you will rely on.

Through the site, you can study all the visits you get from your short links, not to mention the possibility of dealing with its icons and buttons with all comfort thanks to the lightness and ease that it contains.

The site supports many of the most popular and widely used payment methods on the Internet, such as PayPal and Paypal. Payoneer, the minimum payment is $5 for Paypal, and the payoneer has an estimated payment amount of $50.

One of the most prominent features that is available on the ouo site. io, it is reinforced by a strong support service team, Zamtoora, answers all messages, calls and inquiries immediately and quickly.

8- LinkBucks

This distinguished site is considered one of the oldest sites in the field of profit from short links, which has achieved a great experience that lasted for 14 years, and is also keen to enhance the user with the best and most modern features.

This interesting site includes many features that open the way for you to make a lot of dollars every day, in the forefront of which we limit the payment methods that it supports, such as PayPal. payoneer. payza.
It is also enhanced by the affiliate system, which helps the user to invite his friends to join the site, and in return you get a financial profit of 10% of their profits all the time.
You can also get 5% profit when friends invite their new friends, which is a very cool feature.
One of the best features of the site is that it has a simple interface, I will never find any difficulty in dealing with it, and it is constantly updated and strong and modern, which makes it a leader in the field of profit from short links.


One of the famous and trusted sites through the field of profit shortening links, we find the BCVC site, which includes millions of publishers whose profits have reached thousands of dollars today. This site offers large amounts of simple tools, through which you can deal with it comfortably, and achieve excellent financial profits .

One of the most prominent features of this safe and reliable site is its support for many of the most used payment methods on the Internet at all, such as PayPal. payoneer. bitcoin, and also supports bank transfers, and the minimum withdrawals are estimated at $ 10 per week, the site is easy to use, and you will not find any difficulty in dealing with it, because it is fast when performing.

10- U3O

It is one of the simple, free and effective sites within the field of profit from shortening links, as it is one of the honest sites that aims to provide profits to users in the time known, and it is always devoted to developing its services and features to remain the best and most wonderful.

The reason behind the prominent popularity of the U3O site is that it is rich in many features and features, foremost of which is its support for many payment methods such as payoneer. paypal. bitcoin.

Not only that, it allows you to withdraw your money when you reach the amount of $ 5, and you can also get 20% of the profits, in exchange for inviting your friends to subscribe through the U3O site, the site is easy to use, and it makes it easier for you to shorten links to your favorite sites with flexibility, without No complications or difficulties.

Here ends our talk about the coolest and best sites to profit from shortening trusted links, as we have explained and clarified the various safe, tested and working sites, we hope to be at your best