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Tik Tok Marketing Guide for Beginners

The Tik Tok application has become one of the most important social networking applications that attract millions of users. It appeared with great force since the beginning of the Corona epidemic in late 2019, and continued in 2020 and 2021 to compete with the most popular social networking applications. In fact, during the quarantine period, it reached a very, very high rate of participation and views.

This success and great impact of the Tik Tok application has certainly made it the focus of marketing experts, as it is a large platform that can be used to market a specific product or service.

Now the application is not just for entertainment, shooting videos and sharing them with others, but Tik Tok marketing has become one of the most important ways of e-marketing in 2022.

And because we are always on the winners site looking for everything new and profitable, we have prepared this article on marketing through Tik Tok, which includes the most important information that you must know in order to take the first step to use the Tik Tok application in e-marketing.

What is the Tik Tok application?

The Tik Tok application is one of the social media platforms that have appeared recently, and it was one of the most important features of the home stone that the world witnessed during the Corona pandemic. Ranked among the top 10 social media platforms in 2020, according to the ranking announced by Marketing land.

The main feature of the Tik Tok application is to create a video of no more than 60 seconds, but what is new in these videos is that they can be modified by adding some audio and visual effects.

And some of the famous Tik Tok do challenges with different ideas and invite their followers to work and compete for it. Hence the so-called Tiktokers; They are the famous Tik Tok who have an interactive following with them.

So, Tik Tok marketing has become an excellent option for marketing a product or service, either with funded advertising campaigns or by relying on followers. In addition, it has a very high rate of follow-up and viewership by adolescents and young adults in all countries of the world, hence its role in the marketing process.

Features of Tik Tok that made it more popular
The application carries many features and capabilities that allow users to make a short video with sound effects that add a lot of fun and excitement to the video clip. In addition, videos are a favorite of many social media pioneers in general. The application is characterized by:

1. The ability to put a sound for a specific scene or a specific audio clip, relying on the movement of the lips and the representative performance of the video maker.

2. The previous feature can be used to display a particular comic talent or even talent in any other field, and this has already happened with many who have gained wide fame among the followers of the application who are interested in a particular field.

3. Spreading a specific dance or challenge among the followers by filming a small video clip and inviting the followers to share it, and this has already happened with a lot of challenges and dances.

4. Using the duo feature, which enables two users to place a video next to the other and synchronize the movements between the two clips.

5. Through the application, it is possible to publish a section of a song, and thus promote the song in a short time and among millions of followers at almost zero costs.

Other facts about marketing on Tik Tok

  • The number of subscribers to the Tik Tok application has reached about 800 million monthly active users, which is a number that can be increased.
  • The segment of Tik Tok users of teenagers and young adults reached 41%, which is a good percentage to target this category in promoting a service or product that they are interested in.
  • The application is used by men and women by 56% and 44%, respectively.
  • The Tik Tok application is spread in 150 countries around the world, and copies of it are available in 75 languages ​​of the world. 

Marketing methods through Tik Tok

Now that we know a group of the features and facts of the Tik Tok application, it is time to delve into the focus of the article, which is the methods of marketing through Tik Tok.

The marketing process on Tik Tok has more than one method, we will focus on 4 methods that are very effective in marketing through Tik Tok.

These methods that we will present in detail useful to you, whether you are a private business owner, or a specific service provider and aspire to promote it, or even you are an online marketer promoting and marketing other brands.

Method 1: Interact with others to attract followers to your account

This method is very effective for new accounts on the Tik Tok application. It is done by interacting with the videos of someone's account with a large number of followers.

This interaction is for the purpose of inviting new followers… You can focus on accounts in the same field as your business or accounts of celebrities in general.

Always keep this interaction varied between likes and comments. Whether personal comments in your opinion or a comment that invites followers in an attractive way to follow the content of your account.

It is worth noting that sharing the most popular videos on the Tik Tok application has an effective effect in attracting new followers. This method is very useful in order to increase the number of followers of your account on Tik Tok, especially if you are at the beginning of dealing with the application.

The second method: rely on fun and attractive ideas

Here we don't mean to provide trifles just to get a number of followers, but you can provide meaningful content with a fun and engaging idea.

For example, many girls are now turning to work in the field of skin care, fashion and fashion. This field attracts a large number of Tik Tok followers, but they continue to follow accounts that offer new ideas

For example, an idea of ​​how to maintain the leather of the bag and shoes with ingredients from the home. It is presented in a fun frame and a small video clip.

By following this method, you have achieved more than one goal:

  • First you provide meaningful content that is useful to many.
  • Second, the number of followers of your account will increase if you are always keen to provide new and useful.
  • Third, these followers can be from all over the world when relying on the movement without the words that need translation.
  • Fourth, you have provided a solution to a problem that many people suffer from, and therefore you have become confident. Your followers are waiting for everything new. 

Method 3: Showcase your products on famous Tiktokers

These represent the famous Tik Tok, just like the famous YouTuber or Influencer. If your budget allows you to pay tiktok celebrities to promote your product or service, do so.

This step will achieve her brand promotion and increase your account followers at the same time.

But you have to choose celebrities who can really influence their followers, and not just because there are many who follow them. Unfortunately, there are accounts on Tik Tok of famous people with many followers, most of whom make fun of the owner of the account only.

So find a celebrity on Tik Tok that offers content that followers trust in order to trust your brand if that celebrity promotes it.

Method 4: Paid Tik Tok App Ads

Here, we will show you the types of Tik Tok ads that are sponsored or paid, which differ in the content they support.

Here are the types in detail as follows:

1. Challenge ads supported by hashtags

The idea of ​​the hashtag is a well-known idea in all social media in order to appear in the search results within any platform. If you search for a specific topic, if you use the hashtag to search for it, you will see all the posts or videos that talked about it.

As for marketing through Tik Tok; The hashtag here is about challenges. For example, a person publishes a video clip of a dance with a certain technique and links it with a hashtag, and thus this helps to spread it quickly among the pioneers of the application.

The Tik Tok application provides the opportunity for brands to sponsor the most prevalent challenges on the application, by showing it on the Explorer page for a period of 3 days up to 6 days.

All branded challenge or hashtag videos are grouped into one branded page. This method is one of the advertising methods used by famous brands through the Tik Tok application.

2. Brand Takeover Ads

It is a paid advertising method on Tik Tok that is very similar to native Ads. An ad that is a 3 to 5 second video clip and usually a GIF is shown to the user when they open the TikTok app.

It is useful for any brand in that it can be linked to its account on the application, thus reaching the largest number of users of the Tik Tok application… This type of paid advertising supports (GIFs, images, hashtags, challenges).

3. In-Feed Ads

These ads are very similar to the ads that we find on any video clip on YouTube, this type is played in the full screen area of ​​the user, and it is a video clip and a music background can be added to it.

The interesting thing is that the background music advertising can be used by users to make videos on Tik Tok itself, thus promoting more of the brand.

In this type of ads, you can use a call to action, or what is known as taking a certain action at the end of the ad to get your followers to interact.

For example, it can be in the sentence “Send a message,” or communicate through the link, provided that this link is specific to your brand’s website or any page on social networking sites.

4. Effect Design Custom Branding Ads

The advantage here in this type of ads is that a specific filter or effect is customized with the name of the brand that users can use to make their own videos. This filter is available in the top 5 filters on the app for 5 days, and can be renewed for up to 10 days.

This method helps a lot in promoting the brand, as it helps to associate your product or service with the fun and enjoyment that the Tik Tok application is based on.

General tips for marketing on Tik Tok

1. Prepare well for the content of your account on Tik Tok, and always look for what draws the attention of users of this application.

2. The most popular type of content on Tik Tok is based on dances, comedy or fun videos in general, try to link this content with what you are marketing for.

3. Start making videos of no more than 15 seconds, users will not be attracted to long clips, especially with the beginning of account creation, and the application will pull its content if it finds that users do not complete the entire clip.

4. After you have created a good number of followers, you can provide content that exceeds 15 seconds, but make sure that it is simple, creative and valuable.

5. Be aware of the most important musical or lyrical clips that are popular on the Tik Tok application. These clips are one of the most important means of spreading on the application and among followers.

6. Make your account combine fun and what your followers like with valuable advice that keeps them following you and getting to know your products or service.


All the numbers and statistics indicate that the Tik Tok application is one of the most important applications that will witness a great boom in the coming years. Especially with the reliance on the Internet, whether in remote work or remote learning, and even the trend for many companies has become the digital world.

If you are an online marketer or have your own business, marketing through Tik Tok will add to your sales a lot, especially if you target the teens and young adults.

If you have previous experience dealing with marketing on the Tik Tok application, or you want to share with us more comments, we are happy to share with you in the comments.