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The 6 most powerful sites to earn money from watching ads

A site to earn money from watching ads is what many people are looking for who are looking for profit through the Internet, and in fact there are many sites and they differ on those that work on it, but it is rare that there are guaranteed and honest sites that pay the user his full dues already, and one of these sites is a site Timebucks There are many other websites.

The way to earn money by watching ads is one of the easiest ways to collect profits, so through the following topic presented to you by the money makers website, we will show a site to earn money from watching ads.

A site to earn money by watching ads

One of the easiest ways that you can make money online is a site to earn money from watching ads, in which the profit reaches $5 per day, and all you have to do is watch ads for a certain period of time for a sum of money.

One site provides from 15 to 20 ads per day, and there is more than one site to earn money from watching different ads, but few of those sites are considered honest and actually pay users, we will show you the best of those sites below.

Timebucks site to earn money from ads

It is considered the best site to earn money from watching ads and believing them from the point of view of many, and this site does not only contain ads, but is an integrated site that contains different methods of profit.

The site includes ways to profit from watching ads, ways to profit from watching videos, solving captcha codes and various tasks, and also includes ways to profit from surveys and following some sites on social media platforms.

The site includes a weekly competition in which 30 winners are selected to receive financial prizes, and also includes a chance to receive 15% of the profits of the people registered through you.

You can earn from 20 to 30 cents from the site in a quarter of an hour of watching ads, and the minimum withdrawal of those profits is 10 dollars, and you can withdraw the profits by wire transfer, Bitcoin, Airtm or Skrill.

You can go to the site and register on it and get a free $1 gift by clicking here.

NEOBUX earn money from ads

This site is considered one of the most secured, most successful and secure sites in the world, and one of the oldest sites in the field of profit from watching ads, and after registering on the site you can directly start watching ads by clicking on View Advertisements.

After you watch the ads, you get the profit for that view with the addition of some points called Adprize that you can click on after you finish watching the ads and you will find something like a game of chance in which you win an amount ranging from $0.25 to $50.

With Adprize points, you can earn anywhere from 10 to 10,000 points, and you can convert those points into money.

At the beginning and after registering on the site, you will find that the financial return is small, but over time you will notice an increase in the number of ads that appear to you, which results in an increase in the financial return, and when you invite friends to register on the site, you will get a percentage of the profits for their viewing of advertisements on a daily basis.

Your friends must be registered through your site, which is called a referral link, so the more people you invite, the more profit you will get.

The credibility of the site appears through the small return at the beginning and its inclusion in the increase over time, as most sites that offer a large amount from the beginning only benefit from your viewing of advertisements and do not give you any financial compensation in the end.

You can withdraw money through your bank account or through your account on Paypal, Payza or Neteller, and you can register on the site by clicking here.

InboxDollars site to earn money from ads

It is one of the easiest and fastest sites through which you can get money, as this site shows you a number of ads on a daily basis, and after watching those videos, you get paid in dollars.

The more ads you see, the more money you get, and when you sign up on InboxDollars, you get $5 as a gift for signing up.

This site includes other ways to earn money, such as searching through the site's browser, and you get a commission after every 4 searches, and you can also collect profits by playing some games, answering surveys, or following some sites through it.

You can withdraw money from the site through your Paypal account or by check, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $30.

You can only access the site through the Google Chrome browser if you use a VPN program, or you can access the site through the Opera browser, which has a VPN feature that you can enable through it.

You can register on the site and get $5 by clicking here

Coinpayu earn money from ads

It is one of the most honest and secured sites on the scene, and the site is characterized by professionalism and does not contain a large number of annoying ads as there are in other sites, and you can profit from it by watching interesting ads.

You can get a profit from 300 to 1000 satoshis per day, and with the addition of daily offers, the profit can reach 10 thousand satoshis per day.

You can withdraw profits through Bitcoin, Payeer, Faucetpay wallet, Litecoin or Ethereum, the minimum withdrawal amount from the site is 1 dollar, and the profits for referrals are 10%.

You can enter and register on the site by clicking here

Clixblue earn money from ads

You can profit from this site through several different ways, which include earning money from watching ads, earning money from watching some video sites, and many other ways.

You can invite your friends to register on this site through your referral link so that you can increase the percentage of profits.

You can also withdraw profits from that site by transferring money to your bank account or through your account on Paypal, Payza or Neteller. You can go to that site and register with it by clicking here.

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Picoclix earn money from ads

This site is relatively new to other sites, which serves 25 ads per day and the cost of ads is high compared to other sites, the cost of one ad on this site may reach 0.004 dollars and other ads 0.002 dollars.

You can get from 5 to 10 cents per day from watching ads only, and the percentage of earnings from referrals varies according to the type of membership, and the percentage of profit is up to 50% of your referral earnings.

The minimum withdrawal of earnings is $2, the earnings are withdrawn by Payeer or by Perfect Money, after getting your winnings for the first time you have to submit proof to Picoclix and also proof to Netbusinessrating so that you can get the second payment of earnings.

You can enter and register on the site by clicking here.

Through the above, we learned about a site to earn money from watching ads, which includes many different sites such as Timebucks, NEOBUX, InboxDollars, Clixblue, Picoclix, Coinpayu, and we hope that we have helped you with our discussion on this topic.