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Profit by solving captcha and generate monthly income

Explanation of profit from 2captcha site to make a monthly profit

Explanation of profit from 2captcha site to achieve a monthly income, many people are looking for ways by which they can make profit online, and there are many sites through which this goal can be achieved, including sites that offer profit from writing captcha codes, and we will explain in our article Explanation of profit from 2captcha site to achieve monthly income

Earn by writing captcha codes

  • It is a well-known field among Arabs, especially for beginners, as it does not need experience, but it needs a large amount of time in order to be able to collect the first 100 dollars, most of the reliable companies in this field do not exceed 3 dollars / 1000 captcha I have solved. 
  • That is, if you want to make money online by solving captcha codes and make your first $100, you will need to solve more than 33,000 captcha codes. 

Sites that make money by solving captcha codes

There are many famous sites that offer money in exchange for solving captcha codes, and the most important of these sites are the following:

1- MegaTypers site

It is one of the best sites that offer to make money by entering the captcha codes, as it provides the user with more than 1.5 dollars per thousand images, and the price changes according to the working time, and the afternoon is the best time when you can solve the captcha codes, where the price of 1000 codes From $1.7 to $2, the minimum payment is only $1 through Paypal bank

2- ProTypers site

This site is similar to the one mentioned earlier, and it pays every Monday.

3- 2captcha site

  • It is one of the sites that provide profit online for beginners, and it specializes in making money through captcha codes.
  • The site accepts users from all countries, and it is considered one of the most famous sites specialized in profit from captcha, and it works throughout the day.
  • After you register with 2captcha you need to pass a training test to be accepted on the site, and then you can start working on the site.
  • You can do the work on the 2captcha website either via mobile or through the site itself on your computer, or by downloading the site's bot to your own device.
Explanation of the profit from 2captcha site to achieve a monthly income from your home

You can profit from 2captcha in two main ways:

1- Solve the captcha codes

This is done by recognizing and solving the captcha codes for a small amount of about 0.5 dollars / 1000 captcha codes. There are two types of captcha codes on the site, namely:
  • Regular captcha codes are numbers and letters that the user enters.
  • Recaptcha codes are images from which you choose what is required of you.
  • It should be noted here that the profit with recaptcha codes is usually higher than the profit with regular captchas.

2- Earning from referral link

You can earn from 2captcha by referring new people to the site through your referral link, and you can earn 10% of the profits of users who register from your referral link without affecting their earnings.


After many articles about profit from captcha codes and the best sites that everyone talks about in most Arab and foreign blogs, I decided to register on a site from this site, 2captcha in particular, and find out whether it is really possible to profit from this site 50 dollars per month, 20 or even 10 dollars, and concluded the following:
  1.  Profit from captcha codes is a really way to profit from the Internet for beginners and is considered the best in terms of profit compared to other profit sites (watching ads - etc.)
  2.  The 2Captcha website is honest and contains a good number of captcha codes that you can solve
  3.  The captcha codes on the site have been increased, which is a good thing for those who want to work on captcha codes
  4.  The codes are sometimes not understood and you take that, but your account is not closed until after too many times
  5. 2captcha is an honest site and we have withdrawn in the Profits Expert blog more than once and you will find proof of withdrawal
  6. The 2Captcha website enables you to earn approximately 10-30$ per month depending on the number of working hours on the site and the number of your referrals
And here we have come to the end of the article, after clarifying all the information about explaining the profit from the 2captcha site to achieve a monthly income in 2021 and knowing the steps for registering on the site and working on it, and we hope that you like the article.