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Oats for diabetics benefits and harms?

Damage to oats for diabetics, as the diabetic needs special consideration, so as not to cause complications, and it should be noted that he needs to manage blood sugar levels.

Oats are useful for him in this matter because they maintain glucose levels, but it can harm the diabetic, so let's learn more about that.

Benefits of oats for diabetics

  • A diabetic must have a healthy balanced diet and be in accordance with appropriate physical activity.
  • Also, it is necessary to take the necessary treatment by consulting the attending physician.
  • Therefore, we must know that a diabetic needs some foods, but in certain proportions, for example, his need for fruits is necessary, but in specific quantities for him.
  • It should be noted that the harm of oats on diabetics is not very much.
  • In the case of eating certain types of oatmeal, which contain sugar, healthy flavors and preservatives.
  • It can badly affect a diabetic.
  • Also, oats have negative effects on those who suffer from gastroparesis, and it is more dangerous in those who suffer from diabetes, in addition to gastroparesis.
  • Also, the high fiber found in oatmeal can be harmful to a diabetic.
  • Who suffers from a chronic stomach disease called gastroparesis.
  • And the most harmful thing to your diet is that eating oats makes you feel flatulent.
  • The reason for this is that it contains high fiber, so it is necessary to drink water while eating, as this reduces the bloating process caused by oats.

Types of diabetes

It should be noted that the reason why a person develops diabetes is a lack of insulin production or lack of it.

It is a hormone produced by the beta cells of the pancreas, and its responsibility is to regulate sugar in the body, which provides us with energy.

But sometimes insulin is manufactured enough by the body, but cells do not use it in the way it should be, so we must learn more about the types of diabetes patients, and consult the doctor about the extent of the damage oats have on diabetics.

first type

  • It is insulin-dependent diabetes, and the disease often begins in childhood.
  • The reason for this is that there are antibodies that attacked the pancreas in the human body.
  • Thus, it cannot manufacture insulin, and this type may also be due to genetics.

second type

  • It is called non-insulin dependent diabetes, and it should be noted that it represents approximately 95% of adults with diabetes. 
  • The reason for this type is that the pancreas makes insulin in small quantities that are not enough for the body's needs.
  • Or the cells may lose sensitivity to its presence, in which case it is called insulin resistance.

third type

It is called gestational diabetes, and this type comes in pregnancy by 1-20%, and is detected in the middle or last period of pregnancy.
It is worth noting that it goes immediately after pregnancy, but the danger here is that the mother can get the second type of it later.
There is also a risk to the baby when the mother's sugar levels rise, so it is transmitted to the fetus through the placenta.

Diabetes symptoms

  • It is worth noting that there are symptoms that a person can have, and this is evidence of diabetes, we will mention some of them, but there are many symptoms, so it is necessary to consult a doctor when feeling these symptoms, in order to diagnose the condition at an early stage. 
  • When a person feels an increase in urination, this is evidence that he has contracted this disease. Scientists have explained that high blood sugar helps to activate the work of the kidneys, so they get rid of the excess through urine, and therefore increase the number of urination times per day.
  • The person sometimes feels dry mouth, and this is as a result of the body losing a lot of fluids through urination. This leads to dehydration and a sense of thirst, and thus leads to dry skin and severe itching in separate parts of the body.
  • Sometimes a person feels tired, and this is caused by high blood sugar, so the body cannot respond well to insulin, in addition to the cells losing their role in absorbing glucose into the blood.
  • There are also cases in which a person feels lack of focus and cannot see fine details, and feels as if there is a blur in the vision, which is an indication that the percentage of blood sugar levels has increased.
  • It should be noted that high blood sugar may cause some changes to fluid levels in the body, and thus the lenses swell and affect vision.
  • When a person is exposed to some wounds, and notices that his recovery period may be prolonged, this is an indicator that shows us that there is a high blood sugar level, which resulted in a delay in the healing of the wound, because when sugar rises, it affects the flow of oxygen, and nerve damage occurs that causes the wounds not to heal. 

Benefits of oats for diabetics

  • As we explained before the damages of oats to diabetics, we must show the positive side of oats through its benefits on diabetics.
  • Oatmeal when added to the diet helps regulate blood sugar, and the reason for this is that it contains a lot of high fiber, which contributes to lowering blood sugar.
  • It has a role in lowering cholesterol in the blood, and also promotes heart health.
  • helps reduce weight; Because the fibers in it give a person a feeling of satiety for a long time.
  • Helps reduce insulin injections for diabetic patients, and this is in the case if you cook oats before, then it is presented in the form of a light and easy meal.
  • Oats are also a good source of energy for the body, and that is over long periods.
  • It also has a role in regulating the digestion of food in humans.

The method of oats for diabetics

We explain some ways to eat oats for a diabetic, and it is best to consult a doctor, because the nature of each person's body is different from the other, and thus we purify ourselves from the complications that can happen to a diabetic, as:
  • We can eat oats with protein or healthy fats such as eggs, yogurt, milk, and nuts. 
  • When eating oats, you can add one or two tablespoons of chopped nuts, balkans, or almonds.
  • In addition to healthy fats and protein, thus makes your blood sugar stable.
  • Berries can be added when eating oats, berries are considered to be antioxidants and healthy nutrients, and we can use them as a natural sweetener.
  • You should eat steel cut oats, they contain a large amount of fiber that dissolves, thus regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Cinnamon can be used with oats, as it acts as an antioxidant and has a role in reducing heart disease.
  • In addition, it improves insulin sensitivity, and as for blood sugar levels, it makes them lower.

Oatmeal recipes for diabetics

There are some recipes that can cause oatmeal damage to diabetics, you should take them into consideration:
  • You should not use oatmeal, whether ready-made, or flour with sweeteners that are added.
  • Also, you should not use many dried fruits.
  • The reason for this is that this type of fruit can contain a large amount of carbohydrates.
  • You should also not add any sweeteners, whether sugar, honey, or honey-glucose, to your oatmeal.
  • Never use cream, you can use water or milk that is low-fat or fat-free.
  • So that the oatmeal recipe is healthy for diabetics.
  In this way, our conversation ended about the damages of oats to diabetics, and we also talked about the types of diabetes and symptoms of diabetes, and explained the benefits of oats for diabetics, and the method of oats for diabetics, and in the end, we explained the recipes of oats for diabetics.