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New digital currencies in the world

The new digital currencies vary according to their capabilities, in addition to their value in the markets, where there is a large group of digital currencies that have been recently traded among people all over the world, some of them have wide fame and some of them did not work.

So we will show you all the information and details that can help you get to know the new cryptocurrencies 2021 and 2022.

New digital currencies

A lot of people have recently turned to trying to learn about the new digital currencies 2021, as there has been a stir in the field of digital currencies in the world recently, so we will show you the most important digital currencies in 2021, which vary from Ethereum and Tether, in addition to Bitcoin and other Other digital currencies that we will refer to below in some detail

Ethereum coin

This currency is symbolized by the symbol ETH, and it is considered one of the most circulated digital currencies in all countries of the world, in addition to that, the Ethereum currency is a group of computers connected with each other, and it uses some applications that help it execute many orders.

It is worth noting that many international companies and institutions have concluded partnership agreements with the company responsible for the Ethereum currency, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and among the most famous of these institutions are Samsung, Microsoft and Intel, in addition to JPMorgan Bank and about 86 other institutions.

Tether coin

As for Tether, it is a digital currency that is considered stable, as it seeks to link its value in the market to any other thing or currency; This is in order to reduce the volatility process, and this is due to what is known about digital currencies and the large number of volatility that occurs in them.

Where the process of reducing volatility is one of the most things that can affect customers because they will not suffer from any problems because of it, and this currency has been linked to the global US dollar, and then it has a system that allows users to convert the encrypted currency of any kind to the dollar within a short time and in an easy way .

It is worth noting that Tether was first issued in 2014, and it can be considered a special platform to facilitate the process of using some fiat currencies in a digital form, as this currency allows all users to enter and use the blockchain network, and in early 2021, the market value of Tether reached 24.4 billion US dollars. .


This currency is the most famous among the new digital currencies 2021, and is symbolized by the symbol BTC, and then you have to know that Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which is the financial giant, has announced that Bitcoin is the best investment that a person can use.

This year is also a lucky year for all Bitcoin investors, due to its high value that is not found in any other cryptocurrency.

Ripple coin

If you want to get to know the Ripple currency, you should know that it is symbolized by the symbol XRP, as it represents the next generation payment networks, and in fact this currency was created for the first time to share the leaders of money, and it is one of the currencies that rose in value in 2017 until it reached 1 A dollar if it is less than a cent.

Binance Coin

This currency is the currency symbolized by the symbol BNB, and it is considered the original and base currency of the Binance Coin exchange for cryptocurrencies, and this exchange was established in Shanghai, China and then moved to Taiwan, in addition to that, there are fees for the process of trading or withdrawing Binance Coin.

It is worth noting that this currency allows all its users to trade it for many different cryptocurrencies, and the Binance exchange is the perfect choice if you want to buy this currency, as it offers a lot of features and offers on it.


First issued by two programming engineers, Billy Markus and Jackson Palme, this coin is symbolized by the symbol DOGE and its logo is the image of a Shuba Inu dog.

In 2015, this currency spread very widely, as nearly 100 billion currencies were traded, and this led to an increase in its value in the market, and it also remained high in value until it now reached more than about 240 million dollars, so it was considered one One of the best digital currencies.

As for the year 2021, the value of the Dogecoin currency increased by an estimated 45% until it surpassed the Bitcoin, which had risen by 6%, and the superiority in the value of the currency is the most that makes people accept it, and buy it, and it is likely to rise in value again Because billionaire Elon Musk tweets it every once in a while.

Cardano . coin

Cardano is one of the cryptocurrencies that uses the Ouroboros protocol, and was created by many sports scientists, engineers and crypto experts, and was co-launched by Charles Hoskinson, who was part of the Ethereum founding team, and this happened after he disagreed with the Ethereum team .

It should be noted that the Cardano coin is symbolized by the symbol ADA, and it has been called the Ethereum Killer, although it is still in its early stages, and the company responsible for this coin aims to make it use financial decentralized applications by creating some products that follow this system.

This is in addition to the attempt by its operators to provide some solutions for sequential interoperability, and to track legal contracts.