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How to make money from blogger in the best and proven way

How to make money from Blogger through Google Adsense and the advantages and disadvantages of subscribing to it Many people own a blog or blogger, and despite that they do not know a way to make profit from it, but relying on Google Adsense provided solutions to that problem, and through our article we will explain via the site How to make money from Blogger using Google Adsense.

Information about the Google Adsense program

  • Google Adsense is a program that can be used free of charge for advertising.
  • Google created this program in order to allow anyone to display sponsored ads through their website, through a specific blog, YouTube channel, or any other application on Android, and in return for that person gets a fee.
  • This means that the person who owns a site or blog allows Google Adsense to rent part of this site to display ads on it, and when users of this site enter those ads, Google Adsense will pay the site owner a sum of money for that.
  • This means that when you enter any of the sites on the Internet and see that this site displays a group of ads, whether those ads are on the side of the site or along the written texts, this means that this site uses Google Adsense and displays ads of other companies on it.

How Google Adsense works

The Google Adsense program works in a very simple way, as when the advertiser registers in the Google Adsense program in order to display his own ads, he has two possibilities:
  • Display sponsored ads links in the Google page. 
  • Displaying paid ads on the Display Network on various websites, blogs, YouTube channels and other applications that allow space for different ads to be displayed.
  • How does Google choose which site to display the ad on?
  • Many people may think that ads on Google Adsense are randomly arranged before, but the truth is exactly the opposite, as those ads are distributed on different pages that are related to those ads.
  • This increases the viewership of advertisements, as in this case the users of websites and blogs have a great interest in the content of those advertisements.
  • It is worth noting that registering with Google Adsense alone was not enough to make profits, but you must provide good and targeted content so that Google Adsense sends ads to your web page or blog.

How to sign up for Google Adsense

You can easily register for Google Adsense by following these steps:
  • Go to the Google Adsense registration page by entering the following link: from here
  • Choose the email (e-mail account) you wish to register with Google Adsense with.
  • Type the name of your website or blog, then select the country of origin.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of using the platform.
  • It should be noted that in order to be able to create an account on Google Adsense, you must have your own domain, as if you do not have that, you will not be able to create an account for you on Google Adsense.
  • Blog content must comply with Google's rules for the blog to be accepted.
  • Add your bank account number so that Google deposits the money you earn from those ads.
  • Once you complete the Google Adsense registration process, Google will send you an email with a subscription confirmation code, and this process can take up to two weeks or less.
  • Finally, ads start appearing on your page as soon as the registration process is completed, as you can display ads anywhere in your blog, but provided that this blog is completely compliant with Google's policies. 

How to make money from Blogger using Google Adsense

You can earn money from Blogger through Google Adsense through one of the following two ways:

 Earn money per click on the ad

This method of earning profit depends on the visitors and users of the blog clicking on the ads, as each time the ads on your web page are clicked, you can reap more profits for that.

 Earn money for the number of visits

This method of earning revenue depends on the number of visits, as you get paid for the number of visits made by users and visitors to your site or blog where there are ads.

Monetization of Google Adsense

Below we will provide a set of information about earning profits from Google Adsense, as follows:
  • Payment of funds in Google Adsense is made in US dollars by bank transfer that takes place once a month, for Google Adsense partners who have a balance of $100 or more on the 21st of every month. 
  • The amount can be converted from US dollars to any local currency.
  • Commissions will be deducted for collection through your bank for the transfer. 

Ads on Google Adsense

Ads on Google Adsense are divided into several types, as follows:

 text ads

Text ads are also called sponsored links, and they are the simplest type of ads that you can easily display on your blog.

It is a title that represents a link that is clicked in order to go to the page of the advertiser. The advertisement consists of a line or two maximum in which the product or service provided is described, in addition to a web address that appears in green.

 Graphic ads

Image ads are banners that are displayed at the top or side of a blog page, and can also appear in the footer.

There are many formats that you can choose from for the appearance of these ads, there are horizontal ads, vertical ads, square ads and other types.

 Multimedia ads

Are those interactive ads that contain animated images or videos, and this type of ads is one of the most types that attract the visitor's attention.

Advantages of subscribing to Google Adsense

There are many advantages that you can get once you subscribe to Google Adsense, and these features are as follows:

 Get multiple ways to display advertising campaigns

Being a partner in Google Adsense gives you the opportunity to choose the way you run your advertising campaign, you can display ads on search networks, on the Display network, or on pages affiliated with Google Adsense, and this means that many companies will seek to take a place on your site to display ads Her own.

There is a compatibility between the advertisement and the content provided by the site or blog

Google Adsense distributes ads on your site or blog based on the content you provide, which leads to the display of important and useful ads that serve the displayed content and benefit the visitor.

 Renewal of the advertising format

Google Adsense offers many different ad formats, including text ads, image ads, multimedia ads, link ads, and videos.

You can choose the ad format that suits you and you prefer, and you can also specify the dimensions of the ad, and Google Adsense offers you the best format that fits your site in which ads can be displayed.

Determine which ads to display

Google Adsense cannot force you to display any advertisement, but it must obtain your consent to the advertisement in advance before displaying it on your site or blog.

Get continuous profits

You can earn more revenue on a continuous basis, as that revenue depends on the number of visits and click on the ads.

Disadvantages of subscribing to Google Adsense

There are several disadvantages that you may notice when you subscribe to Google Adsense, and these disadvantages are as follows:

Get a lot of visits

Achieving profits from Google Adsense depends on many factors, and perhaps the most important factor is the number of visits.

Deny people access to the sites

Many people refuse to go through the experience of entering the sites so that they are not targeted by the appearance of many advertisements for them without asking, especially if the visitor enters the site through his mobile phone.

Waiting for a long period of time until you get the money

You can only withdraw the money you earned through Google Adsense when you reach $100 on the 21st of every month, which causes more concern, especially with those looking for a quick source of income.

Tips to take advantage of Google Adsense

We will provide you, dear reader, with the following set of tips that can help you while dealing with Google Adsense, and these tips are as follows:

Choosing the most appropriate place to display ads

  • You should choose very carefully where you will display ads on your blog or site, as the placement of the advertisement can greatly affect the profit that you can achieve from behind the advertisement. 
  • You can place the ads that pay more money at the top of the blog or site because this place will increase the number of clicks.
  • If you want to make more profits, you can place ads in strategic locations that are located on your site or blog.

Choose the ad format

  • Although the advertising site in the blog or website has a vital and effective role in generating profits, choosing the most appropriate advertising format greatly affects the level of profitability. 
  • As the choice of ad format is determined by the number of clicks, so it is preferable to choose regular and popular formats that do not contain large texts and to choose texts that are easy to write.

Pay attention to the content of the page

  • You must pay close attention to the content of the page, because Google Adsense depends on the advertising system, meaning that the ads that it displays on your site will be related to the content you provide.
  • This means that if there is no good content for your site, you will not have the opportunity to promote ads. 

Do not click on the ads that appear on your site

  • Many people think that clicking on the ads that appear on their sites will make them earn more money, but this is wrong and can also affect them negatively.
  • As it is possible that Google will disclose this matter and take some measures against these people that can reach the closing of their accounts on Google AdSense. 
At the conclusion of this article, we were thus able to learn how to earn money from Blogger through Google Adsense with ease. We also learned more information about Google Adsense in addition to tips through which you can increase your profits significantly and significantly.