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How to make extra income online while you are at home

How to achieve additional income through the Internet, many young people are looking for new ways to increase income, and the Internet has provided them with many opportunities to achieve additional income through it, and establish their own projects without the need for large capital, and today we will present you with a set of ideas for projects that can be implemented Online to generate additional income.

How to make extra income online

The Internet has become a major source of income in the whole world, where the market value of companies that invest in the Internet has witnessed a significant increase, and the most prominent of these companies are Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Jumia. These companies have encouraged thousands of people around the world to invest in and exploit the Internet. in making profits.

There are many areas through which it is possible to break into the world of the Internet to achieve profitable goals, and among the best of these areas are, for example: “electronic brokerage, YouTube channels, blogging and file upload sites, e-marketing through social networking sites”, and many other areas that we will review in this report.

 electronic brokerage

The Internet has provided a great opportunity for brokers to communicate with their target customers, as there is a very large percentage of people who are looking for homes for rent or sale through the Internet, and many real estate brokerage companies in the world are now working through the Internet to reach the largest number of people. of consumers in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.

The websites also gave everyone the opportunity to work in the field of electronic real estate brokerage, by posting advertisements for homes on various sites and exploiting social networking sites, and obtaining a percentage of each sale they make, and this work can be a source of additional income because it does not need to Great time and can be practiced from home.

freelancing platforms

There are many websites that act as an intermediary between the service provider and the target customers for them, and therefore these websites allow anyone who has the ability to perform any work such as programming, translation, design, graphic, photography and other skills, to offer his services on the site and communicate with him who wants to obtain his services.

 Blogging and Google Adsense

The field of blogging and sharing on Google Adsense is one of the best areas of work through the Internet, and it achieves a good profit rate for workers in this field. From which.

 link shortening sites

Advertising companies create link shortening sites and publish their ads on them, and these sites are very necessary for owners of other news, service and social sites on the Internet. Share it on social media.

And you can start working in the field of shortening links by choosing a specific site for one of those companies specialized in this field, in exchange for a percentage of the site’s profits that it gets from the ads published on it, and this method is one of the best guaranteed ways to achieve additional income through the Internet.

file upload sites

It is another type of website that is created by advertising companies, and these sites are used to download files from the Internet free of charge to all users, and these sites depend on users viewing the ads published on them to achieve profits, in exchange for sharing a percentage of the profits with the owners of the files available for download through them.

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube allows every person to create his own channel and publish on it whatever videos he likes for the purpose of making financial profit through the Internet. Creating a YouTube channel is one of the most important and best small projects that individuals rely on and that can be set up from home.

Opening a channel on YouTube is a project that does not require capital, as anyone needs a good internet and good content to publish, then shoot the video and upload to the channel, and share profits through the program that Google provides to profit from YouTube, by activating the feature of making financial profit from the channel settings .

profit from facebook

The social networking site Facebook is one of the largest sites on the Internet if not the largest at all, and the site allows anyone to benefit from the largest consumer base in the world, where the site can be used to market any products or profit through Facebook directly through Post videos, write articles, or program instant games on the site.

Followers or large pages can also be used in advertisements. If you have a large number of followers, a page or group on Facebook or any other social networking site, you can make advertising and advertisements on your page in exchange for a predetermined percentage or commission between you and the owner of the advertising company or the advertiser directly .

Online project work

There are many ideas and areas through which additional profit can be made through the Internet from home, where it is possible to create an online store, a website, work in the field of programming, make an application for smartphones and many other fields, and to implement these projects only a computer and a network are required. Internet, provided that the owner of the site has experience in the field to know how to manage it.


Online commerce allows the merchant to reach a very large number of target consumers in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost, as it depends on buying products and offering them for sale on websites and on famous electronic selling sites such as Amazon, Jumia, Souq.com and Alibaba, and there are other specialized websites. In the presentation of services and not products such as Imjur site to upload and download all kinds of images for free.

And here we have come to the end of this topic after we explained how to achieve additional income through the Internet from home, and we hope that you have benefited from the topic, and we also ask you to share it on social networking sites for everyone to benefit from.