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How to get V Bucks in Fortnite for free in the most powerful way

Hello, today we will talk about how to get V-Bucks in the game Fortnite for free, as V-Bucks are a useful currency, through which you can buy what you need, from weapons and a set of items that you will need during the game, but obtaining them is not easy, as You have to be patient to collect V-Bucks, without wasting your money

How to get V-Bucks in Fortnie for free

Since V-Bucks is the default currency in the game Fortnie, through which you can buy many items that you will need in the war, that is why Epic Games made it difficult to obtain this currency, without the need to open the wallet, as this currency is sold as DLC.

How to get V-Bucks in Battle Royale mode

There is one way to get V-Bucks during the battle on Fortnite, but it is a very time-consuming method, and it is as follows: you have to play in Battle Royale mode without getting a Battle Pass and free upgrade, to reach the levels offered by the game Amount of pennies as a gift However, this offer is limited and rare.

The free pass usually only offers 200 V-Bucks. For each season, you have to play five seasons, to get your own to buy Battle Pass (950 V-Bucks), and upgrade to levels 11 and 34, which are the only two levels offered. Reward in the form of money to the player.
And if you can collect V-Bucks through this method, and purchase a Battle Pass, then you will face many other levels, which will reward the work you did with V-Bucks, so keep your progress to the point of collecting necessary to buy the next pass.

And during each season, play a lot to improve your level and playing abilities, to stand up to others, this will make you continue to buy Battle Pass, without having to waste your money.

You win levels in several ways

  • Defeat opponents and enemies.
  • Play daily or weekly challenges, traffic challenges, and freebies too.
  • Find in the map the hidden stars.
  • Try to survive in all the different battles and situations.
  • And if you don't want to play five seasons to buy a Battle Pass, then you should buy V-Bucks. 

How to get V-Bucks in Dave The World mode

Save the world is a paid mode, and as you spend more money, you will receive many rewards continuously, including V-Bucks, and this mode is also available for Windows, macOS, Xbox One and PS4.

There are several ways to earn V-Bucks in Save The World mode
  • Complete Daily Quests: Save The World mode allows a wide range of daily quests, each of which results in V-Bucks.
  • Entering the game daily: This is the simplest way that you do not need to play, as you will get different items, every day you log in to Save the world mode, without resetting the award sequence, if one of the items is skipped.
  • Full story mode missions: This mode is distinguished from the others, as it contains a series of missions accompanied by many gifts and prizes, and at level 70 and beyond you will also get V-Bucks, and you will be able to join a group of players, to defend higher level areas, but The bad thing about this situation, is that you can't reconsider, when completing missions, that's why V-Bucks can't be cultivated in this way.
If you are playing fortnite Battle Royale on your iPhone, you can use Whaff.

You can buy V-Bucks for free using Whaff, as this app offers many tasks, such as installing or testing a game or software for a certain period of time, in return you will get an addition to the App Store wallet of credits, through which you can buy V-Bucks.

Google Opinion Rewards cannot be used to purchase free V-Bucks on Android, because Fortnite Battle Royale is not available in the Google Play Store.

How to get free V-Bucks

With the premises necessary to use V-Bucks, it's time to talk more specifically about how to get free V-Bucks playing Fortnite for Switch.
In this regard, as previously expected, the only way to get this in-game currency in Fortnite is to play the game. Battle royale, which includes PVP engagements with other players in last man mode. By passing the levels, you can get V-Milwaukee as a bonus offered by the seasonal levels.

For example, at the time of writing this tutorial, you can get 100 V-Bucks for free play and the next one is level 11. The last 100 V-Bucks instead, are obtained at level 34.

However, the rewards that can be obtained for free in Fortnite by completing levels may vary as seasons go by. You can see it in real time in the menu Battle Pass de Lobby.

It's good to specify that, to get more V-Bucks faster in the battle royale mode, you must buy the battle pass (950 V-Bucks) or the battle pack (2,800 V-Bucks) through the game battle pass menu in the latter case, you actually get 100 V-Bucks straight to level 4.

However, purchasing these account updates is optional: if you actually don't want to spend the money, as V-Bucks can be bought for euros, my advice is to bundle your V-Milwaukee with a free Battle Pass and then spend it on the purchase of the Battle Pass or Battle Pack.

Epic Games account protection

Finally, I suggest you protect your Epic Games account by enabling two-factor authentication through the app (Activate Authenticator App) or by email (Enable Email Authentication), accessing the Account Settings menu.

In this way, in fact, you can protect your account from unauthorized access, because when logging in from an unknown device, you must also enter a disposable code obtained by e-mail or through an application such as Google Authenticator (Android / iPhone ), in addition to the basic password for the account.

Last but not least, if you believe your account has been scammed or you are experiencing unknown access, please contact technical support immediately. By connecting to this link and pressing the Connect button that you can see in the upper right corner. The company's operators sure know how to help you protect your account.

In the end, this is all the information on how to get V-Baucks in Fortnite for free