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How to Choose a Hosting Company (9 Factors to Keep in Mind)

You use your phone or computer to store photos, videos and games, so you are always looking for the best capabilities that suit your use.

This is how hosting companies do, they provide you with a smart storage unit on the Internet (which we call a server), in order to store files and data for your site, and the difference here between a personal computer and a server, that in the case of a server, anyone in the world can access the stored information as long as he has Internet and knows the name of your site.

Of course, according to the sensitive and very important function of the server, it is natural that you need the best capabilities in this server that suit your goals, so perhaps you are confused and do not know what are the criteria for choosing a good hosting company for your site.

Do all those terms and information offered to you by hosting companies such as SSD or bandwidth make you hesitant to choose the hosting company that suits you?
Are you wondering why some companies provide hosting service at very low prices and others very expensive?

Whatever your purpose in building a site and whatever information you are looking for, do not have to worry. In this article, I will help you to evaluate any offer from any hosting company, and choose the capabilities and characteristics that suit your goals.

As usual, all this is in a simple and easy way, and without entering into details and technical information that you do not need to know.

Let's start explaining the 9 factors through which you can choose a great hosting company, suitable for your site with ease:

1. The purpose of the site

Why do you want to build a website? You have to answer this question first before you consider hosting companies, because your answer will determine everything.

Let me show you the four types of sites that make up the majority of sites on the web:

1. Content sites

Like blogs, forums, and small online stores whose owners want to present information to their visitors in a simple way – and the winners site is an example of this type.

These sites do not require large storage space, because the content on them is written text and few images or even videos. That is why the most important thing for this type of site is the volume of traffic or the visits themselves, and this is something we will talk about in detail later.

2. portfolio sites

These sites are just an interface, you can think of them as an online CV showing some simple information about something. This example applies to a simple company website that displays its address and some information about it, or a website for a business owner or Freelancer where it displays some of its work.

It could be a site that explains a specific application on the phone or a specific program, as I mentioned it is only an interface.

These sites require very simple spaces, and almost no visits, because their purpose is simple. The most important thing that this type needs is emails. Often those who want to build a site of this type want a professional email for their company or service.

3. Large content sites

This type is similar to the first type, except that it needs very large areas such as the myegy site and other similar sites that store large files.
These sites need special kind of hosting (such as cloud hosting) because they receive millions of visits every month.

4. Interactive websites

This type of website requires great capabilities and is highly complex, because it depends on databases and stores a large amount of information about users.

An example of this type is social networking sites YouTube and Facebook, as well as large service sites and stores such as Amazon and PayPal. And I don't think you want to build a site like this ?.

I think that the picture became clearer to you with the previous examples, and later I will explain to you what hosting has to do with the number of visits and site space.

How to determine the hosting of any site

Mostly when you want to build any new site you want to mimic another site, maybe you visited a particular blog and said to yourself “I would like my site to be like this”.

You can often find out the hosting company for any website on the Internet through this free service Who Hosts This Site.
All you have to do is put the website link to know the hosting company that it depends on, and this will give you a good indication when you choose the hosting company for your site.

If you are wondering what hosting we use for winners site, we use SiteGround hosting. If you want to know the reasons why we chose this particular hosting, you should read the article below:

2. Security and protection factors provided by the hosting compan

Before you choose any offer or any hosting company, you should think about the security and protection factors that will provide you with, without which your site may be lost in a moment and you lose your money, effort and time.

You may be asking yourself, “Why does he say safety and protection factors are not the same thing?” “Of course there is a difference between them. Imagine yourself visiting a government building or a metro station, for example.

You will find electronic gates and tools to detect flammable materials (these are protection factors) to reduce the occurrence of any danger, and also when you enter the station you will find fire extinguishers and first aid boxes (these are safety factors) to deal with the danger after it occurs.

For this, hosting companies have to provide you with protection factors such as:

  • Protection of your personal information privacy protection. 
  • Protect you from hackers and malicious information mining tools such as malware protection. 

It also likes to provide you with safety factors, the most important of which are:

  • Backup backup copies of site files 

The hosting company owns the server on which all your site data is stored, so it can make backup copies of your site so that you can restore it in the event of any problem.

In many cases, you can lose your site with the click of a button, and the reason is often you or some of the tools or plugins that you use on your site, so good hosting companies provide you with this service for free and periodically. You should keep this in mind when you compare different hosting companies.

3. The site space and the number of sites available in the hosting

We talked previously about the types of sites and I think you understood the importance of space for your site, but it's the opposite of what you think, you don't need as much space as you need in your computer or even your phone.

According to many sources and information companies, 5 GB of space for your site is sufficient and more for most types of sites, unless you want to build a site of the third or fourth type that we mentioned earlier.

Also, according to these reliable sources, the average web page size, which guarantees high speed and accuracy, and also can accommodate the necessary data from text and images is only 2 megabytes (and in many cases this number is large)... According to a simple calculation, 5 GB of space can provide You get 2500 pages for your site.

Even if you want to build large pages with a lot of images or large files, don't you think that 1000 or 1500 pages is enough for you?

Therefore, do not look for large spaces, but rather it is important to focus on the other factors that I will mention to you.

4. The data transfer capacity provided by the hosting company

When you open several applications in your device or your mobile at the same time, do you not notice that its speed slows down significantly, and in many cases it stops working, which we colloquially call “the device approach”.

This is exactly what happens when more people visit your site than your hosting company's server allows you to at one time, and your site stops working and no one can access it.

This is the most important factor when choosing a hosting company. Data transmission capacity factor. You can dig a little deeper into how data is transferred online with this article:

The bottom line is that any browser that visits your site requests certain data from the server, and because each server has certain capabilities (such as the capabilities of your device - data processor - RAM), it can perform only a certain number of those data transfers.

And because most of the hosting offers are shared hosting where more than one site shares the same server, the impact of this is greater on your site.

That's why you need to know two things about bandwidth:
  • Total data transfer capacity: In short, what is the amount of traffic that your server can accommodate in a month. A lot of hosts talk that the traffic is unlimited or Unmetered, but this is not true most of the time, you should know the amount of traffic that your server provides to you according to its capabilities.
  • Bandwidth: In short, what is the maximum amount of traffic that your site can handle in one second or one day.
  • For this, the appropriate bandwidth rate, which should not be less than any good service, is 120 GB, and of course, the larger this number, the better (this rate is enough to accommodate approximately 1000 visits on the same day to your site)  
Of course, you have to know this information before you choose to host, as a large traffic may suddenly come to you because of social media, for example, if the hosting does not provide a good bandwidth, your site will fall.

And as I told you in the first factor that the type of site has a big role in determining the hosting, you know the type of content you provide, and the traffic sources that you will rely on, and therefore you can choose the hosting offer that suits this traffic.

And in the event that there is not enough data in the hosting companies’ offers (most companies do not display the allowed number of traffic or the value of the bandwidth in particular), so you should contact their support to know all the details.

And if you are going to rely on search engines to bring in traffic, know that you will not get a large number of visits, especially as you are a beginner. 10,000 thousand visits per month in the first 6 months to your site is a great achievement, and the most important thing is to benefit from the volume of traffic, there are sites that get a few thousand visits per month that earn more than those who get millions of visits.

5. The server and its services provided by the hosting company

The server provided by the hosting company must be flexible and powerful so that it performs the tasks required of it to the fullest, and this matter is as follows:
  • The server relies on the space's SSD technology (the server's hard disk) so that the data transfer process is done quickly. 
  • The server must provide databases in PHP with its latest versions (7.3 currently), this preserves the data and leads to a higher security rate.
  • It is preferable that the server itself be an advanced type of Apache or light-speed, this means that the server depends on a data processor and modern and powerful RAM.
  • The server should work 24 hours (Server Uptime 100%), because there are some servers that stop working in some periods of the day in some hosts.
All of these things help to increase the speed of the server and thus your site loads quickly for visitors, which is very important for the SEO of the site. You can learn more about SEO and its importance for your site :

6. The security certificate (SSL Certificate) of the hosting company

This is one of the most important security factors that must be available on your site, which also affects the SEO. You can learn more details about SSL

In short, this certificate is the lock that you find before the link to the site you are visiting, and without it the browser will prevent you from visiting this site.

You have to check whether the hosting company provides you with this service for free or not, most of the good companies provide you with this service with the click of a button through their control panel.

7. Email service

This is an important factor, especially if you want to build a professional website and want to communicate with customers or rely on email marketing. Most companies provide you with the ability to register an email on your domain for free, just make sure of the space for each email (200 MB), especially because you will delete the emails that you do not need over time.

8. Technical support service provided by the hosting company

From my point of view, this is the most important thing when choosing any hosting company. You can search on a site like the famous Trustpilot about the customer evaluation of the hosting company that you intend to deal with until you make sure of it yourself, and you can search on the Internet as well with ease in this matter.

After making sure of the quality of customer service, check the ways to communicate with them, as most hosting companies are foreign companies, so the live chat option must be available in order to communicate with them easily and quickly.

Customer service will definitely need it because there are technical issues and malfunctions that can occur at any time for your site, especially when you are a beginner in the world of site management. That's why having a strong support service is a safety factor for you.

9. Hosting cost upon purchase and upon renewal

Now it's time to discuss the most important question on your mind: “How much should hosting cost?” “As I mentioned before, there are very cheap and expensive offers, which one do you choose.

The most important thing is to make sure that the factors we discussed previously exist, and then you have to make sure of several things:

1- Go to the last price page to check all the details for yourself, there are hosting companies that claim to offer a cheap service, but the reality is the opposite. Look at the image below for an example of one of these hosts.

Determine the cost of hosting your site

You will find that the price will be completely different when you choose one of the features below that are essential to your site.

2- You must be sure of the cost of renewing the hosting package so that you are not surprised after that, and know that most companies offer offers when subscribing in the first year at very low prices, and then return to the normal prices upon renewal.

3- It is preferable to have higher hosting packages that allow you to renew and increase the size of your server over time, as you may achieve quick success and increase the number of visitors to your site, or you may want to build more than one site at the same time.


There are many hosting companies and endless offers, and I personally have used almost 7 hosting companies so far as a web developer, and according to my experience the best two hostings I have dealt with are:

The first hosting is Siteground, the strongest, fastest, and with the best customer service, which the Winners site has been using for years (and you can verify this using the tool I mentioned earlier), especially if you are going to rely on WordPress and want to build a first-class site.

The other hosting that is perfectly suitable for the second type of website is namecheap hosting, it is cheap ($22 per year at the most and renews at $30), it is good hosting and provides good support service, and also provides free security certificate and professional email services.

There are details and technical information that I preferred not to show in order to make it easier for you as much as possible, so if you have any question or inquiry, feel free to leave it to us in the comments.
Share the article with your friends so that it spreads, and so that we can continue to give you the value and effort you have