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How much does an Instagram ad cost & How to increase sales and profit from it

How much does an Instagram ad cost? And how to increase sales and profit from it, you can learn about it in detail through the money makers website, where Instagram is one of the social networking sites, which has become very popular in the recent period. Doubly more than Facebook, specifically in the Gulf countries, so we have to know the price of advertising on Instagram.

How much does an Instagram ad cost?

  • You can calculate the costs of advertising on Instagram in many ways, and this largely depends on the type that you choose, and this is similar to Facebook where you can choose between several types of different invoices. 
  • You can use cost-per-click, which is the cost of each click separately, where the money is paid only when the customer notices the activity of his ad and interacts with it, and this is according to various experts, the average cost per click may range between 56 to 72 cents.
  • There is an additional option through which you can determine the price of the advertisement on Instagram, and this method is called the cost per thousand impressions of the advertisement, where the person bears the advertising costs for every 1000 impressions that he has, and this indicates that the advertisement only needs to appear on the user’s screen.
  • Since the offer once may give an impression to the customer and also in this way you do not need clicks, you are not associated with them, and according to experts in advertising on Instagram, this method has an average cost of between 5 to 6 euros, you are charged for appearing after the user sees it.
  • You can also calculate the cost for each action you do, that is, you pay for promotions, and this is definitely directly related to your ads, and this method is the most innovative way, as you pay for your ads, specifically if the user likes your post, and so we explained how much the price Advertising on Instagram. 

How to prepare a budget for Instagram ads

  • A person can set a specific budget for ads, either to be daily or for longer periods. If you set a daily budget, this makes you determine every day the amount you spend on your ads, but if the cost reaches the maximum, no ads of yours will be displayed on the platform, and with that The method becomes more flexible and you can respond to any change without problems. 
  • If you choose the ad format, its cost per 100 impressions is only 1 euro per day as a daily budget, so the advertising costs on Instagram are considered low, so it is attractive to many users, but if you use other formats such as clicks or likes, their daily budget is no less than 5 euros.
  • And if you want to have the entire budget for the ad campaign instead of being daily, you should set a maximum spend on the campaign, you can calculate the total budget for the campaign and determine the cost according to the presentation of the ads and the number of times it is displayed, and so we explained how much the price of the ad in Instagram. 

What is the benefit of advertising on Instagram?

Instagram is advertised by many companies and self-employed people, and the popularity and great popularity of Instagram helped advertising on it and that there are always active users on it, and people who use Instagram ads look more active than any other ads on TV or in print.

One of the advantages of this platform is that it has great popularity and the cost of advertising on it is lower than any other platform, as you can reach a large number of buyers with a much lower budget than the costs of other platforms, and the effort in publishing ads is not great as you can create attractive ads on Create videos and photos in just minutes.

How to increase sales with Instagram

  • After Instagram has become the most popular platform due to the large number of users and companies, and because of the large number of users of Instagram, you notice a vital and continuous activity on it, so this is an excellent service to advertise on, and you can create, switch and also manage ads with ease unlike other platforms. 
  • If you want to increase sales, you should use the mobile application or the so-called advertising manager that has achieved great success with Facebook, as we know that the cost of advertising on Instagram needs several factors and also needs a certain budget, so you must first decide how to account for costs, so you need to know How much does instagram advertising cost.
  • This makes you choose between strategies and also different offers for ads, and you can adapt the ads to any changes that occur to you at any time, and you have to improve your brand awareness and provide all services and products to all interested parties, and this definitely increases your sales, and with Increasing the volume of ads results in increased traffic and visibility of your products and certainly leads to increased sales. 

How to market products on instagram

  • If you want to market through Instagram, you should rely on the hashtag such as Twitter, where you can put pictures of the product and then write the most influential hashtags at the present time to advertise the product.
  • Instagram also features a direct message feature where you can send any message to the people you follow who are not your followers, so you should use this feature to market all your products, and you can also collect and list people who follow products similar to yours, communicate with them and send some marketing messages to them directly.
  • There are other marketing methods called stories, which is a feature and feature found in Instagram, as this feature allows you to create and display some photos or a video of some of your products and display it for a whole day, and if someone sees your story and likes the products, he will contact you, and this is another way of marketing. 

What is the difference between a business and regular Instagram account?

  • If you want to get a sponsored advertisement, you must have an Instagram Business account and link it to your Facebook account or to the page of the product brand so that it is more publicized, but you must be the admin of the Facebook page.
  • Instagram has been updated so you can click on it from the inside to promote and make your ads inside it, but previously you had to make an Instagram ad on Facebook and then choose to display it on it.
  • It is also possible from the account form to know if the account is a business or a normal account, if it is a business account, you will see a contact button and this button will be next to the account picture, and once you click on it, a message will appear for you to contact the account holder or it is possible to show you the phone number of the owner account, and all this does not appear in the normal account.

Instagram marketing tips

  • You have to know that this platform relies heavily on images and videos, so you need to make sure that the images and videos are of high quality in order to attract attention to seeing those products. 
  • You should also choose effective hashtags to help market your product initially, and then target and select specific countries.
  • You have to constantly interact on this platform to increase the number of your followers and this is also so that you do not lose a large number of them over time. 
At the end of the article, we talked about everything related to Instagram, and we learned about the price of advertising on Instagram, and the difference between a business and a regular Instagram account, and we mentioned some tips for marketing products on it.