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Explanation of affiliate or affiliate marketing and how to profit from it

Explanation of affiliate or affiliate marketing and how to profit from it. Affiliate marketing is a real treasure for every young man who wants to change his life for the better in a year, as it opens up broad horizons for him to market products and services that are already in the market and have popularity and demand among many customers, and therefore He can make more profits through it, so we will show you in this explanation of commission or affiliate marketing and how to profit from it.

What is affiliate or affiliate marketing?

  • Affiliate marketing is a marketing system based on an exchange of benefit between the owner of the good, service or offer on the one hand, and the marketer or publisher on the other hand.The affiliate marketer provides the marketing service to the advertiser in exchange for a specific commission that is paid according to the previously agreed upon agreement between the two parties.
  • The idea of ​​the affiliate begins with the advertiser who opens a commission marketing system for the goods, services and offers he owns, and the advertiser identifies the most important foundations and standards governing the commission marketing system.
  • The affiliate marketer submits an application to participate in that system in accordance with the announced conditions, and the publisher accepts or rejects it according to what it deems fit to comply with the terms and criteria announced by the advertiser.
  • In the event that the publisher accepts, then the work begins between the publisher and the advertiser. The advertiser pays the publisher through one of the online payment methods, the most important of which are bank transfers or electronic banks such as PayPal, which is the most important and famous of these banks. 

Important things to know about affiliate marketing

  • Affiliate marketing is not only limited to marketing a product or marketing a service, but it has gone beyond that to include every act the visitor takes, from subscribing to a mailing list to completing the sales process completely, including everything between them from subscribing to a site, or downloading a game or application, Or upload a file, etc.
  • The world of affiliate marketing is a large and diverse world, and many specialized sub-types fall under it, so CPA companies such as CPI and CPL all fall under the affiliate marketing system.
  • Every agreement or contract between an advertiser (the owner of a good or service) with a publisher that involves the performance of marketing services in exchange for a commission is commission marketing, even if this agreement is made personally without a general system in place by the advertiser.
  • In the affiliate system, we may find a third party such as CPA intermediary companies between the advertiser and the publisher, and the agreement may be direct between both the advertiser and the publisher without the presence of a third party, and this case is achieved by the presence of an affiliate system by the advertiser company, or through a commission marketing contract .
  • Affiliate commission is variable and not fixed, in many cases the commission is a percentage of the price of the good or service, or it may be at other times a specific amount that is agreed upon in advance, and this is determined according to the affiliate system of each advertiser or according to the agreement between the advertiser and the publisher.

Explanation of affiliate or affiliate marketing and how to profit from it

There are a number of elements that must be available in order for a person to start in the world of commission marketing, and the most important of these elements are the following:

1- Good product, service or offer

You must choose the product, service or offer that you are satisfied with, and you can get that either through intermediary companies such as CPA companies, or through the website of the owner of the service or product and subscribing to the affiliate system that it offers.
And in the event that you found the product that you want to market on commission, but when you entered the site you did not find the affiliate system, in that case you can communicate directly with that site and negotiate with it to reach an appropriate agreement.

2- A good source for visitors

You must have a good source of targeted visitors for the thing you are marketing, in order to get a good conversion rate, and thus make more profits, and there are some factors that play a fundamental role in that point, including the price of the visitor, the quantity and nature of visitors, and the source of visitors is an effective element in The process of affiliate marketing, as it has a significant impact on your success as an affiliate marketer, and we will get acquainted with the following on the most important sources of visitors:

  • Social networking sites, whether free through a page or group interested in the products you market, or paid through the work of paid advertising campaigns. 

Search engines, there are two ways to get visitors from search engines, which are the following:
  • The first method, by owning a website and optimizing for search engines in order to get free visitors. 
  • The second method, through the work of paid advertising campaigns.
  • Specialized advertising companies, there are many companies specialized in selling visitors, and these companies differ among themselves in terms of payment method in order to get visitors, there are pay-per-view, pay-per-view, and pay-per-click. 

What are the most important tools used in affiliate marketing?

There are some tools that must be available that will help you achieve your goals of affiliate marketing, and these tools are the following:

1- Online payment method

Affiliate marketing needs capital like any other business, although there are some rare ideas and cases in which it can make profits from affiliates almost for free, but the overriding fact is that you have to invest money in order to make profits in your business, which requires that it be You have an online payment method such as a PayPal account with a balance, Payoneer card, or other credit card.

2- good hosting

In most cases, the success of the affiliate marketer depends on his design of landing pages for what he is marketing, and the landing page is a page designed by the marketer to serve as a motivation for the user before entering the advertiser’s page, and this page helps to increase the conversion rate, as it can be used successfully in changing the course of The results are entirely.

3- A tool for creating landing pages

It is a tool through which you can create a landing page without having experience in the code, and LEADPAGES is one of the tools that you can rely on to achieve this purpose.

4- A tool to analyze and follow up on the results of advertising campaigns

Where it is not possible to achieve success in the field of affiliate marketing without a good tool for doing follow-up and analysis of advertising campaigns, and the analysis and follow-up tool is a tool through which you can get many information and details about your advertising campaign.

5- A tool to view advertisers' pages

  • Sometimes the appearance of the landing pages may be limited to the target country. If you are marketing an offer dedicated to the country of Norway, for example, and you are Egyptian and want to view the offer page, you will only be able to do so through a tool that enables you to obtain a PROXY for the country of Denmark. 
  • It is very important to check an advertiser's page in order to make sure that it is working properly, and to make sure that it is an attractive and good page.

6- A tool to view competitors' campaigns

  • This tool enables you to see some advertising campaign data of other affiliate marketers, through which you can see the landing pages used by other affiliate marketers, see the source of visitors, and some targeting data.
  • You should not use this tool to copy the marketing campaigns of others and apply them as is, but it can be used to get many ideas that you can develop and apply in many aspects of your work, and the choice of this tool depends on the type of visitors you have.

Important tips for your success as an affiliate marketer

There are a number of tips that must be taken into account in order to be able to succeed in the field of affiliate marketing, which are as follows:

1- Testing and experimenting

Really, the information is important, but the most important thing is the experience and experimentation, you have to try many products with various landing pages in order to make a profit.

2- Don't rely entirely on your successful campaigns at a particular time

The idea of ​​working in the affiliate field is not like someone who searches for successful campaigns and then ends his mission when they exist, but the search for these campaigns is a continuous process, because these campaigns do not continue to be successful all the time, they often take a certain time and then become draining, and many may copy them Competitors then your share of profit becomes less, so you must continue to search for successful campaigns even if you have successful campaigns now.

3- Think outside the box to get exceptional results

This means that you use the data differently from others, you should add your own touch to your landing page, discover new and diverse sources of visitors, and you should try to get great offers.

4- Get a large amount of profits in a quick time in your successful campaigns

  • Since successful campaigns don't last forever, you must have the ability to scale up the campaign in order to get a high percentage of revenue in no time. 
  • You can achieve this by injecting a lot of money into your advertising campaign in order to get a lot of visitors, and you can also try to get visitors from similar companies, or by testing other types of visitors.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

There are many reasons why companies rely on affiliate marketing, and many marketers also rely on it to earn thousands of dollars, and the most important of these reasons are the following:
  • Ease of starting in the field of commission marketing, unlike other areas of profit from the Internet.
  • Achieving the mutual benefit of all parties, namely the marketers, the advertising company, and the affiliate network that organizes the relationship between them. 
  • Commission rate hike.

The most important areas that you can work in the field of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing includes many fields, the most famous of which are the following:
  • field of games.
  • field of health.
  • Financial issues.
  • Business services.
  • software. 
And here we have come to the end of the article, after we presented an explanation of commission or affiliate marketing and how to profit , and knowing what the needs and tips are necessary to succeed in achieving your goals in the field of commission marketing, and we hope that you like the article.