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Causes of chest pain when breathing deeply

The cause of chest pain when breathing deeply, people often complain of difficulty breathing without a clear reason and tend to search in that condition that controls them and loses them balance and makes them unable to resume their activities and complete their day normally, and the complaint increases in many cases when Breathing, where symptoms of tightness, pain, burning and suffocation appear in the breath.

Having chest pain when breathing

  • People of different ages often complain of chest pain, the symptoms and severity of which vary, especially when breathing. 
  •  Of course, this disturbing and disturbing feeling results when suffering from certain diseases or as a result of practicing some bad habits.
  • Chest pain can be accompanied by many other medical problems such as coughing, chest pain and fever, which occur as a result of a disease of the heart or lungs.
  • Chest pain when breathing occurs as a result of a decrease in the level and percentage of oxygen gas and an increase in the percentage of carbon dioxide gas above the normal rate.
  • The feeling of pain requires periodic follow-up in order to detect the cause and receive appropriate treatment that helps in improving the condition and brings positive quick results.

chest pain forms

 There are many forms of pain that arise in the chest area, which result in different symptoms and pain that differ from one person to another according to the symptoms and health status in general. The most important forms of this pain are:
  • Extended pain over a period of time This prolonged pain occurs when there are heart problems, especially those that affect the blood vessels and internal blood vessels. 
  • When the patient complains of chest pain, he must conduct medical follow-up in order to detect the presence of any inevitable problems that cause this pain.
  • And proper treatment requires reporting when feeling pain in the chest area, especially that which occurs in a resting position, and this is a sign of a heart problem.
  • This pain increases and worsens when doing a light, moderate or difficult activity, such as making the bed, cleaning the house, or carrying heavy objects. 

Feeling of heaviness in the chest

  • Oftentimes, a person feels uncomfortable because a blockage is blocking blood flow to the heart.
  • This case requires appropriate treatment so as not to later cause angina pectoris due to myocardial ischemia, which is known as a heart attack.
  • This causes a feeling of heaviness in the chest, as if someone is sitting up, and makes it difficult for you to breathe.
  • Pain and difficulty breathing are accompanied by discomfort, especially in the jaw area or lower left arm.
  • The person with this condition loses the ability to exercise and suffers from dizziness and heart palpitations.

Pain when breathing or lying down

  • It may happen that a person feels sharp pain in breathing, especially when lying on the left side. 
  • This pain indicates the presence of pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the sac that holds the heart.
  • This inflammation, of course, causes chest pain, especially when severe pressure is applied.
  • The pain may also be due to myocarditis and cardiomyopathy, as well as other serious heart conditions. 

Pain when pressing on the chest

  • Sometimes chest pain may be felt due to damage or inflammation in the muscles, joints, bones, or connective tissues.
  • Sometimes this muscle may be strained or torn.
  • It also happens to have a rib fracture.
  • Some cases suffer from chest pain as a result of costochondritis.
  • And this inflammation arises mostly as a result of the presence of adhesion in the ribs.
  • The feeling of pain is renewed if you have a musculoskeletal cause as pain is reproduced when pressure is applied to the area. 

Feeling severe pain when breathing deeply

  • When there are lung problems, of course, chest pain occurs, especially when pressed. 
  • These signs and symptoms can also be clearly noticed when breathing, especially deep breathing.
  • Perhaps one of the most prominent problems affecting the lung is the presence of inflammation in its lining, which is known as pleurisy.
  • This feeling is accompanied by pain in your shoulder when this happens.
  • The more dependence on the use of the affected area, the greater the feeling of pain.
  • Treatment in this case requires complete rest and immediate cessation of the painful area, as this helps the pain subside.

Feeling of burning in the chest

  • The cause of burning and pain in the chest is due to the presence of problems in the digestive system.
  • This pain feels like burning or tightness and then causes a tear in the esophagus.
  • The esophagus is like the tube that connects your mouth and stomach, and acid returns to it when there are problems with digestion. This is known as a peptic ulcer.
  • The ulcer results in a feeling of discomfort, and that is why the doctor prescribes some necessary medications.
  • It is also recommended to avoid fatty and hot meals before bed and raise your head when lying down.

Chest pain and heart palpitations

  • Daily chest pain may be a symptom of panic attacks.
  • The feeling of panic is accompanied by difficulty breathing and heart palpitations with constant sweating.
  • These symptoms make the person who feels it for the first time suspect a heart attack.
  • Treatment methods depend on taking appropriate medications that help in relaxation and give a feeling of reassurance.
  • Chest pain and tightness caused by anxiety is controlled through the use of relaxation techniques that help spare the mind the tension of the chest muscles. 

Causes of chest pain when breathing

People often feel the presence of chest pain, bruising, unexplained burning, and a number of other unexplained problems that result from following some negative habits. These reasons can be explained and summarized in:

Having heart problems

The heart is the organ responsible for breathing in the body, so any problem with it causes pain in the chest area; Therefore, these problems must be identified in order to facilitate their treatment and mitigate their effects:

heart attack

  • A heart attack is one of the most common problems that affect the heart, and it occurs as a result of obstruction of blood flow. 
  • Of course, a heart attack can cause a blood clot to travel to the heart.

heart attack

  • Angina occurs when too little blood flows to the heart. 
  • And then it is caused by the accumulation of thick plates in the inner wall of the blood vessels that carry blood towards the heart. 

aortic dilatation

  • It is a serious health problem that threatens human life and causes shortness of breath. 
  • It occurs as a result of the separation of the inner layer of the aorta, which is the main artery of the heart, resulting in its rupture.


  • It is an inflammation of the membrane of the heart.
  • This inflammation results in sharp chest pain.
  • This pain increases when breathing or lying down.

Having digestive problems

In many cases, chest pain may be caused by problems in the digestive system, which are:


  • Many people feel chest pain as a result of heartburn, which is a healthy symptom. 
  • It occurs when acids exit from the stomach towards the pharynx.

Swallowing problems

  • Some people often complain of chest pain, especially when there are problems with the pharynx.
  • The pharynx is affected by some health problems that cause difficulty and problems in swallowing.
  • Sometimes chest pain may occur due to difficulty swallowing. 

Pancreas and gallbladder problems

  • Many complain of stones in the gallbladder or pancreas, which sometimes reach the point of inflammation.
  • This inflammation causes great pain in the abdominal area.
  • With time, this pain extends to the chest. 

Bone and muscle problems

The chest is often affected as a result of an injury or a problem that affects the bones and cartilage in the skeleton of the chest, and we will monitor you the most important of these problems:

Ribs and cartilage inflammation

  • The chest cage is surrounded by a group of ribs and bones, which are responsible for creating an intertwining between the ribs and the breast bones.
  • Sometimes these ribs become inflamed, which causes pain in the chest area.

muscle inflammation

  • Some people may develop fibromyalgia. 
  • It is one of the strong causes of great pain in the chest area. 

rib injury

  • The rib cage is surrounded by a set of ribs that form a shield for protection.
  • It may happen that these ribs get injured for many different reasons.
  • Of course, this injury results in sharp pain in the chest area.

Lung problems

It is common for a person to suffer from pain in the chest area, especially when there are cases of infection or infection in the respiratory system, which create difficulty in breathing and cause great pain. Perhaps the most important of these problems are:

pulmonary embolism

  • This health symptom occurs as a result of a blood clot in the pulmonary artery. 
  • This clot, of course, is an obstruction that prevents blood flow to the lung tissue. 

Peripulmonary inflammation

  • It may happen that there is inflammation in the membrane surrounding the lung. 
  • Of course, this inflammation causes great pain in the chest, and this pain increases when breathing or coughing.

lung collapse

  • A collapsed lung may cause significant chest pain.
  • This pain occurs suddenly and lasts for several hours.
  • And coincides with chest pain feeling short of breath. 

Pulmonary hypertension

  • It is a lung health problem that often results in chest pain.
  • This problem arises as a result of high levels of blood pressure in the arteries that carry blood to the lungs.

other reasons

There are some other diseases that cause problems and chest pain, and these reasons are:

panic attacks

  • A person may have panic attacks, which result in chest pain.
  • This pain is accompanied by heavy sweating, shortness of breath, nausea and dizziness.

herpes zoster

  • It is also one of the causes of chest pain.
  • It occurs as a natural consequence of reactivation of the smallpox virus.
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