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Best programs to recover deleted files from Windows

One day I was working on a very important project on my computer, and after working and trying for days, I wanted to organize the files so that the project was well prepared.

In the process of arranging I was deleting some demo files of the project that I no longer needed, and after two hours of resting in them, I went back to open the project again to put the finishing touches on it.

When I opened the computer, I did not find very important parts of the project files, so I searched and searched, but to no avail, and then I realized that I had deleted some of these files by mistake.

This happened more than 5 years ago, and I am in the first years of the College of Engineering, and thus I got to know the so-called data recovery, or (Data Recovery), and I learned that the data that is deleted does not disappear from the storage directly.

When this problem occurred, I was so angry, one of my colleagues found out about it, told me that I can recover these deleted files and explained to me how this is done. I actually searched for the best data recovery software for Windows, I used one of them, I restored the files, and completed my project.

Now let me ask you, has the same thing happened to you before? Have you lost some important files and data from your computer or even your phone or any data storage device? Whether this is a mistake from you or an error from the operating system that you depend on.

I think you have had a similar experience as me, or you want to avoid that frustration of losing important files or information, that's why you are here looking for the best file recovery software for Windows.

In this article, I will show you a lot of information about the process of recovering lost data, how this process is done using the best programs and tools available, and the most important caveats that you should keep in mind while doing this process.

And this is not all, but I will also give you some important tips that will make you reduce the possibility of this problem occurring again in the future, all this step by step with a simplified explanation as usual on the winners site.

What are the causes of data loss?

In order to explain the data recovery process and how it is done, we must first identify the reasons that lead to data loss in the first place, and perhaps the most famous of these reasons are the following:
  •   Full data wipe - in Windows Shift + Delete permanently erases data, whether on the computer or any other storage device (phone - USB Flash Memory) and others. 
  • Clear the data in the Windows Recycle Bin, to which files you delete normally go (Delete).
  • A malfunction in the operating system itself, which results in data loss even if you restore the system at a certain time (Restore Point).
  • The occurrence of a problem in some programs or files as a result of the presence of viruses, which leads to the loss of some of these files and their erasing randomly.
  • Direct damage to the data storage device. Your computer or storage device may collide with anything, especially since the hard disk drive, the most used, is very sensitive to any collision. 
All of these reasons and more may make you lose your files in an instant and waste all your effort and fatigue, or even lose some study files or photos and videos of you and your family that are irreplaceable or invaluable.

Because these reasons are very common and happen constantly to many people, the need for data recovery arose, which we will learn how to do simply in the next point.

How is the data restored?

When anyone searches for the best storage unit, whether it is a Hard Disk Drive - HDD, or the modern type Solid State Drive - SSD, they evaluate the different types based on a very important factor.

This factor is the Read/Write Speed ​​of each hard, and the read speed is the time it takes the hard drive to display the files and data it contains.

As for the writing speed, it means the period that the hard drive takes to store new files and data. The writing process is about storing your computer information and data in the form of binary numbers, and that is why the process of storing this is called writing.

This exceptional way of storing data is what data recovery software relies on to do its job… Let me explain.

When you delete a file, all the operating system does is change its orientation, meaning you don't find that file in the same place you erased it from, but in fact the file is still in the volume.

This deleted file does not disappear completely except when the hard drive records new data, so that it writes it in the same location as the old file, only then the deleted file disappears.

This is what data recovery software do, they search for this hidden data (so-called Scanning) and then restore it, I think it is clear to you now, but please remember this last point because we will need it later.

Factors for choosing the best data recovery software

In order to put in your hands the best data recovery programs for Windows, we had to follow specific standards, in addition to personal experience, in order to ensure the efficiency and quality of these programs, and here are the 8 factors that we relied on.

1- Safety and security

The software itself must be reliable and have a large user base so we can ensure that it does not steal or tamper with your data.

In addition, the program itself should protect your device from malicious files (Malware) during the data recovery process until they are eliminated.

2- Versatility of uses

The data recovery program should support many types of files (Photos - Videos - Music - other), and it should support use on more than one storage device, not just computers as I mentioned earlier.

3- speed

There are some programs that take a long time in the process of scanning and then recovering data, so it was necessary to search for the fastest data recovery programs, especially since you often need to recover lost files to complete some necessary tasks.

4- File Preview

The program should provide the ability to preview files, so often you don't want to recover all the deleted files, or you may want to recover only a certain type of file (photos or videos).
This is a very important feature, as it saves a lot of time and makes the data recovery process more efficient and accurate.

5- User Interface

 There are programs whose design is complicated and outdated, which makes any new user of it lost and not knowing what to do exactly, this is what we avoided while choosing the best data recovery software.

6- Compatibility with Windows

The data recovery software must be compatible with older versions of Windows (Windows 7 - Windows XP).

7- Technical support

Sometimes the process of data recovery is very sensitive and complex, especially if the files are very important or have a special nature to deal with (such as complex program and application files), so there must be support available to help you if you need it.

8- Portable Version

Sometimes operating systems malfunctions, and your device cannot be opened, and of course any attempt to fix this malfunction may lead to the loss of your files.

That's why it's best if the file recovery software has a portable version, which can be downloaded to an external storage (USB Flash Memory) and used in these cases.

With this, we guarantee you, dear reader, that the following programs are indeed the best data recovery programs for Windows, which work efficiently and accurately to help you avoid frustration and suffering from losing important files.

In each program, you will find a simple explanation of its most important features and characteristics, and you will also find links to obtain it.

1- EaseUS Data Recovery software

EaseUS offers one of the best data recovery and protection services and software, which is suitable for any person or organization in the world, especially in terms of performance and ease of use.

Features of this program:

  • The image above is the user interface, and if you look closely, you will find that it is similar to the Windows Explorer program, which makes dealing with the program and navigating between the features and services it provides very simple.
  • There is a fully Arabic version of this program (you will also find the link for it below), which makes it possible for anyone to use it regardless of their knowledge of the English language or not.
  • The program's space is very small, 32 MB, despite its high efficiency.
  • EaseUS's website has a comprehensive guide on how to use the program (both in Arabic and English), and it also has a YouTube channel with some useful videos.
  • You can scan for a specific partition, or for any volume, including memory cards.
  • This program provides a data backup service, and other great services that make the process of restoring data properly a guaranteed process to a large extent.
  • The support service for this program is more than excellent, and it provides more than one way to communicate.
  • The program supports almost all file systems such as FAT, NTFS, and others.
  • The program enables you to preview lost files before you recover them, and you can also arrange them by name, type, and date of scanning, which makes you carefully choose the files you want, and this saves you a lot of time and storage space.
  • The free version enables you to recover 2 GB of lost data, which is more than enough for long use. And restore a lot of files, especially if you take into account the previous feature.
  • The paid version of this program is very simple in cost, and is perfectly suitable for both casual and professional people.
  • The program is also available for the Mac operating system. 
EaseUS is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fast and completely secure data recovery regardless of the type of file or the system with which it is handled, that's why we recommend it.

Program download link here

2- Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a very good option for data recovery, it is powerful and fast, and the company that owns Clever Files has a long history in this field.

Features of this program:

  • The user interface is very good and you can easily navigate and choose the command you want. 
  • The program space is relatively small 42 MB.
  • You can scan the entire hard disk, a specific partition, or any other volume.
  • The program makes a copy of any file you delete (without affecting the volume space), making it easier to recover files in the future.
  • This software provides excellent support service.
  • The program enables you to preview lost files before you recover them, and you can search them by name, type and date of scanning, which makes you carefully choose the files you want and this saves you a lot of time and storage space.
  • The free version enables you to recover 500 MB of lost data, and this is probably the only drawback of this program for personal use, but the free version may be very enough in case of emergency use.
  • The paid version is a better option, especially if you are a professional, and its cost is reasonable because of the features you get.
  • The program supports almost all file systems and it is also available for Mac. 

Link to download the program here 

3- Stellar Data Recovery program

Stellar data recovery software is probably the most powerful in this list in terms of the power of searching for all the deleted files in the storage.

Also, Stellar itself is one of the world's largest companies in the field of information technology (IT), and deals with many institutions and giant entities to provide many services, the most important of which is the data recovery service.

Features of this program: 

  • The user interface is more than wonderful.
  • The support service provided on the software is very good.
  • As shown in the previous picture, the program supports many files, even deleted emails. When you open the program for the first time, it asks you to specify the quality of the data first, before specifying where you want to search in the different volumes (Flash memory).
  • The free version enables you to recover 1 GB of data, but the size of any file should not be more than 25 MB, and if the file size is larger, you must subscribe to the paid service, and this is a defect in this program.
  • The paid version of this program is quite expensive.
This software is probably one of the most powerful in the world in data recovery, but I do not recommend it for personal use, perhaps it is a better choice for organizations, companies or people who deal with a large amount of data constantly.

Program download link here

4- Remo . program

One of the excellent programs in data recovery, Remo is a site that specializes in providing data recovery services, and this makes it a great choice for anyone who wants a professional data recovery program.

Features of this program:

  • The support service is more than excellent, and it provides support through instant chat messages. 
  • With it, you can recover all types of files.
  • This program is characterized by great speed in data recovery.
  • With it, you can repair a lot of files.
  • You can also delete all duplicate files on your device.
  • It is available for Windows and Mac computers.
  • One of the best software in terms of security level.
  • It does not have a free version, but you can try it for free.
Program download link here 

5- Recuva

I think you have heard of the famous C cleaner program for cleaning the partition of the operating system in Windows (Partition C). The same company that owns this software also owns Recuva.

C Cleaner is one of the world's giants in the field of file management and has been offering many software and solutions for years, which makes its data recovery software a very good choice.

Features of this program:

  • The user interface is simple and easy to navigate.
  • The program supports all versions of Windows, so the image above is for using the program on Windows 7 as you can see.
  • This program is fast and supports many file types.
  • This program offers a completely free version, but it's not as powerful as the paid version, so it might not help you recover some complicated files.
  • The paid version is very good, works efficiently and costs very little.
  • This program provides full support to its users in many languages, including Arabic.
  • When you download the program, it offers you to download other programs, which help you manage your files, so you have to choose only the ones you need. 
This program may be an excellent option for simple personal use, especially since its area is very small, but if you are an advanced user and deal with many types of files, I do not recommend it.

Program download link here 

Important Tips for Effective Data Recovery

In order to be able to use any of the previous programs and increase the chances of recovering files properly, you should follow the following tips:
  • You should try to recover the lost files as soon as possible, because any delay may lead to losing them completely, especially if your device is doing any type of data writing (as I explained earlier).
  • If you suspect at any time that there are some missing files on your device, you should stop all writing operations on it, and do a scan with one of the previous programs to make sure for yourself.
  • If there is any direct damage (damage - collision) to your storage device, do not try to recover the files yourself, especially if they are important files, and it is better to consult a competent person.
  • Always try to use Backup to back up your important files, and store them in a separate place from your computer, or on the Internet using cloud storage services such as Google Drive. 
Remember that even if you rely on the best data recovery software for Windows, there is a possibility that some files may not be recovered, so try or stick to the previous tips, especially the last one.

The data recovery process is simple and uncomplicated at all, and it does not require you to be a programmer or an advanced user to deal with this problem, and the previous programs provide you with a good user experience with all the information and steps you need.

Despite this, it is best to do all you can and take every precaution not to reach this stage.